Panic in Hab Land as Bruins Shut out Mtl 4-0 by Jamie Gilcig FEB 13, 2017

Panic in Hab Land as Bruins Shut out Mtl 4-0 by Jamie Gilcig FEB 13, 2017

Cornwall Ontario –  Is Marc Bergevin having fun yet?    After last season which many feel was a tanking more than a failure of the squad this season was supposed to be magical with Carey Price back.

Price is back, but his play is a boggling hot mess.  Flashes of good quality, but perhaps of the pressure of injuries and team weaknesses are wearing on the goalie?   Or perhaps messages are being sent to Bergy and Geoff Molson that they heart of this team isn’t enthralled with coach Michel Therrien?  It wouldn’t be unique; after all the team was destroyed 10-0 on Therrien’s birthday, blown out by the Avalanche, and now this key shutout loss to the Bruins that featured the return of Brendan Gallagher to the line up?  Sydney Crosby for example has had stretches of weak play prior to coaching changes in Pittsburgh.   Sometimes it is easier to dump a coach rather than move out a slew of primadonna star players…

Or maybe Price, while a good goalie, simply isn’t meant to be a Montreal goalie?

This all in push this season reeks of desperation.   Bergevin’s inability to address core issues is glaring.   The Andrew Shaw move, giving up two 2nd round draft picks and then signing up for a large cap hit has been an abysmal failure to date.      Lars Eller meanwhile is playing a limited, but meaningful role for the league leading Washington Capitals.    Eller is the type of player that Montreal can use right now; certainly more attractive that Martin Hanzal.

The Habs are in jeopardy of falling below the Ottawa Senators who have been playing their hearts out.

For a team that made moves for more character Montreal doesn’t give off the same aura that the Sens do.

The team still needs a centre.  It still needs help on D.   It’s still boggling what exactly was wrong with Zach Redmond or how Nesterov is an improvement.    The wear and tear on Pacioretty, Weber, and Radulov surely will not be good come play off time.

If the team can hold onto a spot because this season nothing is for sure.

The big question is can Bergy survive this season as GM if he doesn’t deliver play off results?  Can the team eek into the playoffs and get blown out in the first round and he survive?

I’m sure it’ll be a hot topic with Tony Marinaro and company over at Team 690 this morning and all during the by week.

What do you think Hab fans?  You can post your comments below.

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