LTE Michael Labelle on Snow Clearing in Cornwall Ontario FEB 16, 2017

I have been questioning my return to the city I always called home. I question how little the city has seemed to progress. I question the mindset of some of it’s people. Every now and then something happens and reminds me of the Good Citizens of Cornwall. How I grew up English in a very French neighborhood. How much we hated each other when I was a child. How we all grew up as friends and language was not longer an issue.  We were all good people.

I was out cleaning my driveway today. The third day in a row. I had it all done except for the mess the city plow had left me for the second time in three days. Some one needs to point out io the city plow we are all senior citizens in this neighbor and we are not paying taxes to have to go out and clean up their very shoddy work.

I gentleman came by with his very big snow blower and plow. We chatted for a bit and I turned around to go get my shovel. The gentlemen cleaned it up for me. As he was leaving I tried to flag him down to say thank you and give him a bit of money. He waved and just drove away. To whoever you are from the bottom of my heart I say thank you for helping to restore my faith in the people of the city.

I will also take the opportunity to remind people you never blow your snow on somebody else s property. Especially never blowing it on their foundation. You should never have to explain that to a contractor. So the contracted who is working next door to my place, probably without a permit. I hope they are reading this.


  1. My husband called the cops on the people who were blowing snow on our property and on the house and my husband was so upset that two cruisers came down to our street. People in Cornwall have no manners at all and if that happened to them they would raise hell on earth about it. Oh Jamie I have plenty and my system is full about Cornwall since I was a child.

  2. Jamie we sold that house at a big loss just to get the hell out of that house and town. We moved in a huge snowstorm and we were renting in an apartment at the time. Renting in a building or a house in Cornwall is hell on earth. We have hundreds of people living in my building and not one sound here at all.

  3. Mr. Labelle and Jamie my husband and I spoke about this just this morning and said how backward the people of Cornwall are and this is no joke. When people blow the snow they are supposed to put it on their own property and blow it to their back yard straight ahead. Cornwall has a great deal more property than Ottawa and absolutely no reason to put it anywhere else.

  4. There should be very strict laws imposed in Cornwall and the town is like a lawless place. I don’t see people shoving their snow on other people’s property here in Ottawa unless they ask permission. People who live elsewhere cannot adjust to life in Cornwall and that is the truth.

  5. Author

    Silly question Jules. You suggested people from Cornwall are backwards. You’re from Cornwall. Does that mean you’re backwards?

  6. Are Liberals nor entitled to do anything they want?

  7. Jamie when we had our house it was hell people coming over like it was theirs and not ask permission. I sit here shaking my head on the mentality down there. I had a 16 x 32 foot inground pool in the backyard and when we came home a lot of kids that we never knew were in it and after that we filled it in – no more. We could have been sued if something happened to them. That is Cornwall.

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