Marijuana’s Green Spring Protest Planned in Ottawa by Roy Berger FEB 27, 2017

Ottawa Ontario  – The sons and daughters of Canada remain full of passion, strength and numbers. Their parents raised the bold and the brave. Leaf, liberty and peace are their call words.
The saga of Weeds at 224 Bank Street in Ottawa politely continues since their early February raid and closure.
Nova, one of the workers said, “They took our scales and some equipment but left that joint behind,” Nova pointed to the statue holding a blunt. “We decided to re-open on February 24th. We do it for the people. This is how it should be, out in the open. There is nothing wrong with marijuana.”
“We want people to know that we have re-opened and that there is a protest planned on behalf of marijuana workers in front of the court house on March 1st, 9AM on Elgin. It’s very unfair what they are doing to dispensary workers.”
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Roy Berger lives in Ottawa, Canada and has recently published, Thrills and Chills: Demagoguery, Charisma and Freedom with Max Weber, Émile Durkheim and J.J. Rousseau in both French and English editions.

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  1. Living in Ottawa and being a political scientist and a life-long advocate of drug policy reform, I would attend this protest.

    Unfortunately, I have to work that morning.

    I hope this protest bears fruit and that we finally see an end to the litany of broken Trudeau promises.

    It’s one of Trudeau’s many failures, but it was a signature issue that helped him to win the youth vote.

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