Breaking Bad in Ottawa – LAURENCE WHEATCROFT Meth Lab Charges in Ottawa MARCH 1, 2017

Suspected Methamphetamine Synthetic Lab dismantled in downtown apartment building


(Ottawa Ontario) — On Sunday February 26th, just before 10pm, patrol officers of the Ottawa Police Service attended a 4th floor apartment at 345 Clarence Street to check on the well-being of a male resident, Laurence WHEATCROFT (40 years), at the request of the family.

There was a strong chemical odour emanating from the apartment.

A follow-up with the family revealed that they also had concerns WHEATCROFT had previously tried to “cook” (manufacture) Crystal Meth (methamphetamines) and that may account for the chemical smell.

WHEATCROFT was apprehended and transported to hospital.

Ottawa Fire Services Hazmat attended the scene and confirmed there was no explosive hazard present from the apartment. The unit was ventilated and secured.

The Ottawa Police Service Drug Unit was granted a search warrant for the apartment.

With assistance from the OPP Clandestine Laboratory Response Team, OFD Hazmat and Ottawa Paramedic Services the Drug Unit investigators cleared the apartment of all chemicals. Samples were seized for further analysis by Health Canada.

Given the fact that the tenant maintained a hoarding lifestyle the disposal process was only completed Tuesday, Feb 28th, at approximately 1130pm.

WHEATCROFT was held in custody on charges of unlawfully producing a schedule 1 substance contrary to CDSA 7(1) and possessing chemicals/substances to be used to produce a schedule 1 substance contrary to CDSA 7.1 (2).

Anyone with information regarding drug complaints is encouraged to contact the Ottawa Police at 613-236-1222 ext. 7300.

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  1. Ottawa is full of drugs and dangerous drugs. Do you know that even marijuana and hashish are laced with opiods as well. All of you druggies out there have no idea what you are smoking up. You walk down Bank Street alone and you take your life in your hands. I don’t go out alone since quite a while now – day or night is insane. A society of drugged up brains who cannot function.

  2. I thank God for our landlord and we saw him today going up the stairs near our apartment as we were coming home. This morning I saw his sister like usual at Billings Bridge sitting down on a bench. We are lucky to have such a landlord and the building is clean and orderly unlike a great many. My husband and the owner greeted one another in Lebanese as usual.

  3. There was a piece in one of Ottawa’s papers that even prescription drugs that you get a doctor’s prescription and try to buy it from another country the cops are stopping this entirely because a lot of drugs does not pass our laws and many are full of opiods. Today’s generation is completely shot to hell. What a horrible society we have today.

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