Should Long Term Rehab be more Accessible to Canadians?


Here in Canada, we have a healthcare system that many other countries envy. While we offer our citizens access to free medical care, it seems that we are failing with regards to long term rehab. This treatment plan can be a tough one to offer but it’s one that is essential when it comes to tackling the overall drug problem in the country.

Canada may not be the kind of country that you associate with a drug problem but it is present here too. Figures suggest that the illegal Fentanyl industry is booming within our borders, the market for it has more than doubled over the last few years. This painkiller can start off being prescribed by a medical professional but an addiction and reliance can quickly take hold.


This reliance is made more problematic because of the way in which the body builds up a resistance. This leads the substance abuser to look for more of the drug, rather than taking a steady amount over the period of their addiction. This drug seeking behaviour can then lead to anti-social behaviour and crimes.

British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario are so effected by this problem that our police force have provided materials to educate and prevent any interest in the drug. This shows just how widespread this drug can be and the fact that enforcement agents see it as a real target.

So what are we failing to do? The lack of rehabilitation, especially long term rehab programmes, seems to be allowing this downward spiral to happen. The education side is one side but we also need a non-judgemental route for those that find themselves using this drug to take. A person taking that amount of pain pills and building up a tolerance need to be supported by medical professionals.

There are drug programmes available in most provinces, but these may not be catering to the needs of those attending them. They may provide some sort of short term solution or less dangerous alternative, but these are proving to be ineffective when it comes to fighting this rampant addiction.

The drug problem in Canada is not limited to those of a lower socio economic class, as these pain pills can be made accessible to anyone. Youths are also at risk of becoming introduced and trying synthesised Fentanyl, as this drug has a long reaching grasp into many elements of the community. Police are advising that parents take time to talk to their children and offer a safe place to talk about their issues.

The lethal side of this drug means that overdoses must be tackled almost instantly if the user is to have any chance of surviving. Just two milligrams of this substance is enough to kill a healthy adult, to put that into perspective, that’s about four grains of table salt. There have even been lethal overdoses of this drug in which the victim has been taking another drug without the knowledge that Fentanyl has been added.

The two pronged approach of prevention and cure must be used for either to be effective. This is a dangerous drug and lethal overdosing is increasing within our country, hopefully we will see these frightening statistics change in the future.

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