Ottawa Police Wearing Bracelets to Support Montsion Wrong by Jamie Gilcig APRIL 1, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – The tragedy that was the death of Abdirahman Abdi was something we covered when the story broke.   Cases can take time, especially when it involved police officers.

Eventually Ottawa Police Service Constable Daniel Montsion was charged after an SIU investigation with Manslaughter.  He was the only officer charged in the incident which was carried graphically in photos and video.

Police officers always have to be held to a higher degree of accountability.  They are here to protect and serve.  They are asked to carry weapons that can kill near instantly or use force at their discretion.

For a police service to work well it has to have integrity and respect from its citizens.

What happens to Mr. Montsion is of course up to the courts to decide.   But oddly an awful lot of Ottawa police officers are wearing bracelets of support for him even after his charge of Manslaughter.  Of course everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but the optics of this seem outrageously wrong on so many levels.

Should members of the public too wear bracelets in support of Mr. Abdi and his family who clearly not only had to endure the loss of their loved one, but graphically deal with his demise at the hands of police in their new country?

Ottawa has a crime problem, and the reality is that a lot of that crime is from visible minorities and immigrants.   Could one of them see a bracelet on an officer and react in a more excited manner?   Could this actually put officers in more harm’s way?  The optics of the wearing of the bracelets frankly is ugly and embarrassing for the OPS, and Ottawa.

The $2 bracelets, in blue and black read:

“United we stand” and “divided we fall” and include  Montsion’s badge number 1998.

The only thing we should be united over is the tragedy of this death which is an embarrassment for the Ottawa Police Service.    The Abdi family and members of the public clearly should not be digesting a message that could easily be construed of supporting Cst. Montsion’s handling of this incident.

While Police Chief Bordeleau has said the bracelets should not be worn; should he have had to?

Ultimately it’s about accountability and integrity.  It’s what wearing a badge ultimately means.

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  1. It is true that most of the crimes committed here in Ottawa are by minorities and I am siding with the cop because of the hell that they go through here in Ottawa. This man on the ground was either mentally ill or high on drugs and either way they become mighty strong and aggressive and very hard to hold down. That could happen to anyone trying to hold the culprit down. I side with the cop.

  2. The cops publicly, and on the job, declaring solidarity with an accused killer are way out of line.

  3. Any stats/proof to the claim “that most of the crimes committed here in Ottawa are by minorities”?

    BTW, the timestamp is off by one hour on posts here.

  4. Author

    Hugger I get all of the OPS police blotter releases.

  5. I was referring to Jules.

  6. I am very much in support for Ottawa’s cops for what they go through OMG I wouldn’t want that job for 5 times what they get nor even a million dollars. No wonder they get PTSD. So many people on drugs here and they become so strong and fight the cops. That man was touching a woman in a restaurant before this happened and he was the guilty party. Many are mentally ill when they come to Canada.

  7. Author

    Jules in Canada we don’t have the death penalty. We really don’t. While we are all human, even police officers, who have a very very difficult job, we all have to held accountable.

  8. Jamie I would be very proud to wear one of those blue bands of supporting this cop here in Ottawa. Things are so very bad Jamie that it would take hours and hours to describe what goes on and it is mighty dangerous. I support the cops and if you only knew what they go through you would scream. I am 100% right wing CONSERVATIVE and very hard line.

  9. Jamie I wouldn’t want to be a cop for even ONE MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR it is mighty hard to deal with the public. The man in the photo was either mentally ill or on drugs and it makes them very strong and they fight with the cops and with anyone. This man was touching a woman in a coffee shop on Wellington St. West (very bad area of town).

  10. Jamie I have been out a lot of the day today and worn out with my daughter. We went shopping where she works in the morning and then went looking for cheap shoes for her job as cashier. When we came home I took to my bed for a little sleep. What a day – I am getting way too old. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  11. Jamie since we have been back in Ottawa I swear to God this is the worst society that we have laid eyes on. Today we have had our fill of minorities who are very very rude. We haven’t seen much yet but if it gets like Europe then we are in trouble. The cops cannot be paid enough for what they do. The cops in Ottawa are nothing like that of Cornwall. What a job Jamie. OMG .

  12. I would be proud to wear the blue ribbon arm band in support of the cops here in Ottawa. Cornwall’s cops have it a great deal easier and don’t know how lucky they are down there. OMG! I say that all the time. It is a real hell of crimes here in Ottawa and the 70’s era was heaven compared to today. What a horrible society and getting worse.

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