Should CFN Eliminate Viewer Comments in this Newspaper? APRIL 20, 2017

Should CFN Eliminate Viewer Comments in this Newspaper?  APRIL 20, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – Viewer comments at their best add immensely to the news consuming experience.  At their worst…well anyone that’s read a facebook debate knows what I typeth of.   Here at CFN we’ve always adhered to our vision and mission statements.

CFN is an online newspaper whose Mission is to give voice to the many who’d never have an opportunity to have a voice whether via op-ed, letters, or comments on stories.

To be non-partisan and allow voices to be heard even though our ownership, editors, staff, sponsors, and viewers may not always agree with them.

For people to have voice, but still do so in a safe manner although they may be challenged strongly for those opinions.

CFN’s vision is to see our community participate in a lively discussion of the issues that matter to them no matter how small or obscure.   We want to nourish and help create strong voices.

In these days of spoon fed values and massive societal conformity for people to think about issues and not just follow the pack.   Whether it be questioning why decisions are made or confronting people and holding them accountable; CFN’s vision is to help empower people while educating and entertaining.

The news can be a living thing.   And one newspaper can be very different than others.

After eight years and over 60,000 comments the bigger question is if there truly is value from and for our viewers?   It’s not just CFN of course.  The Standard Freeholder no longer allows comments, and other media have limited comments.

Many simply use facebook where it’s very rare, especially locally, to have any intelligent debate without trolls and personal abuse.   It’s a scary indictment of society if you think about it in the bigger picture.

Generally the trolls, freaks, and our own Jules, (and yes Bob Peters, Jules is a real live human being – a senior born and bred in Cornwall who now lives in Ottawa) scare away any true form of discussion and most debate.   As someone that personally supports true free speech it’s been disappointing.  It’s also why I gave up the idea of doing talk radio in the area as our local audience frankly make the old Lowell Green show look coherent and progressive.

There are well spoken, intelligent, and thoughtful people in the area, but they tend to shy away from our unwashed masses, and after the last few years I can’t really blame them.

We would still of course host Letters to the Editor and our CFN Polls.

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So the question today is whether CFN should either limit comments or eliminate them from our content?

What do you think dear CFN viewers.  You can post your comments below.   And now would be the time to do so!


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