It’s Time to Dump Marc Bergevin by Jamie Gilcig APRIL 23, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – I know.  Montreal fans can be hyper emotional.    This isn’t about that.  It’s been a long two years for Hab fans.   It’s been a long time since their last cup win or even a real close sniff.

Montreal isn’t the worst team in the league, but they are far from the best.

In the cap age it’s difficult to achieve and sustain greatness.  Even the mighty Blackhawks were just swept by the….Nashville Predators.  Hi PK, and you must be having a few private chuckles about les boys falling to the Rangers, especially in the manner they did.

Bergy simply has run out of people to blame.    Right now David Desharnais, PK Subban, and Zach Kassian are moving to the next round.   Marc talks about character, but what struck this writer during the Ranger series is where was the character on this team other than Alex Radulov whom I wrote the team should sign long before they did?

Two 2nd round draft picks for Shaw?  PK Subban was a 2nd rounder.    Dean Lombardi won two cups with the Kings and was just bounced.    What has Bergy accomplished.

While people are pointing fingers at Captain Max Pacioretty, his history in the playoffs was well known.   Carey Price in the playoffs?  Again, stats rarely lie.    Shea Weber is only one player and he probably had one of the best playoffs of his career, not that it was that great, but ultimately who went all in on these characters?   Marc Bergevin.

Claude Julien is a great coach.   You could do a freaking lot worse,but Guy Boucher should have been hired while he was available last year.    Instead the team stuck by Michel Therrien and Ottawa is one win from round two in spite of a cheapskate owner, and less overall talent than Montreal.

The politics of Habs Hockey have done them in now for a generation.  There have been some positive blips.

After Mr. Bergevin is let go the bigger question is what does this team need to move forward?

Does it need a Leafs type blow up?  I think not.    I do think the future of Carey Price in Montreal is not on solid ground any longer.     I think the concept of building a team around a goalie doesn’t work in 2017.   If Price stays in Montreal it would be because he passionately wanted to do so and gave the team a Stamkos discount, as opposed to his last contract.

In the NHL defensive players cost less than offensive stars.   It’s cheaper to build a team defensively, but Montreal fans want offense and wins.  They want to be “The Flying Frenchmen” even if the players aren’t all French.

If you look at the way fans embraced Alex Radulov you don’t need to be Pierre Mcguire to figure out what sells beer and ultimately gets you a shot at Lord Stanley’s Cup.   After over twenty years of stat crunching I know I have a design that would work in today’s NHL.  If I do surely a GM like Marc should have had one?

The Habs have movable assets.  What they need is a true vision, and a GM that can make that happen.  Not a GM that seems to be in a Rotisserie Hockey league and gets excited about getting deals on fringe players who play larger roles.  Or talks about character and then dumps it for…..

There are so many instances that could be pointed out about why this team failed this year, and of course last year’s epic disaster, but I would prefer to look forward.   I’m sure owner Geoff Molson would too. Now it’s up to him to truly make that happen.

And while they’re at it they really should take some steps to break the Curse of Rejean Houle.  It’s ironic that it was the Rangers who defeated the Habs this year as it was the playoffs when I worked for the Habs that started the curse.

What do you think Hab fans?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Again another great article Jamie concerning the plight of the Habs”. I grew up in Montreal and they have always been my team. I really think big changes are due again unfortunately . I was just discussing this, with a friend and he thinks, things will stay the same for the mgt team? You make some great points in your piece! Looking forward to reading more as playoffs continue!

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