#OPP No Boats or Sea Doos in Clarence Rockland Warning FLOODING May 7, 2017



(Rockland, ON) – On Sunday May 7, 2017, The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in Rockland have been receiving complaints from the community that motorized vessels on the Ottawa River are causing wakes to overflow the sandbags along the City of Clarence-Rockland shoreline.


Due to rising waters in the flooded area, the OPP would like to discourage members of the public and residents in using their motorboats or Sea-Doos within the City of Clarence-Rockland, as the larger wakes are causing more damage.


The OPP is aware that conditions in the area are changing and will utilize whatever resources are required to best serve those who have been evacuated, and those who have chosen to remain with their homes at this time.


Residents are advised to stay away from watercourses where flows are high and where banks might be unstable. Parents are encouraged to explain these dangers to their children.

                                                                                                                                                                                        The primary focus of the OPP is to ensure the safety to those who are being affected by the flood.

The OPP are also encouraging the public to visit www.nation.on.ca for flood warning updates and to report non urgent changes in water-related conditions, instead of calling 911. -30-

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