GETZLAF – Fu**ing c*ck s**ker” is not a Homophobic Slur – NHL is Way too PC in 2017

CORNWALL ONTARIO – What a silly headline and silly slur of Anaheim star Centre Ryan Getzlaf.   $10K for using a term that’s been glorified on TV and is not a homophobic slur.

Cocksucker can mean many things.  It actually is a common term, but simply has nothing to do with homophobia.


There seem to be too many cocksuckers running the NHL in 2017 which is leading to too many concussions and other injuries because of a lack of good old Canadian, Don Cherry ugly drape wearing, beer swilling and country music loving Canadian hockey values.

Geez, now I have to go watch some old Stompin Tom videos and chill down before the Sens game.

So to anyone that was actually offended by Getzlaf’s use of a term that has been said more times in the NHL than goals scored historically they should probably stop being such PC cocksuckers, and go watch Women’s Golf or swimming, or croquet for cocksuckers….


We live in an age where people are losing their jobs for words.   Being offended is part of life.  It’s perfectly fine to live in a bubble if one wishes, but to get people fined, fired, or burned at the stake because of their words simply is way over the line.

The last word of this piece goes to Stompin Tom.

Go Sens!  Go PK!

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