No We Really Don’t Need Fireworks Sales in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig MAY 24, 2017

Cornwall Ontario –  I normally am for anything that helps the economy of this community, but a recent move to  support fireworks sales in Cornwall just makes no sense?

One of the biggest runaway areas of our budget in Cornwall are our Fire Services.    We have one of the highest rates of fires in Ontario.   Lower income, education, wannabee thug life freaks, smokers, and the East End’s density of older real estate simply are a recipe for disaster. Honestly there are too many people wandering our streets I wouldn’t trust with cutlery, nevermind explosives.

Each fire costs the city far more than the value economically of allowing Skeeter the ability to wander down to his local store and purchase items that make big booms!

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You simply can’t legislate stupid.   Accidents can even happen with professionals using fireworks.

Let’s keep them to Canada Day and Holiday events and keep them legally out of the hands of some of our more stalwart citizens.

And honestly, you shouldn’t need a consultant or report from management to figure that out.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. Ridiculous idea (sale of fireworks) ! Jamie, you omitted an important point regarding our Fire Services, if the east end lights up, which is just a matter of time, will we have enough high paid fire-fighters around to respond to a massive fire ? With most of the Dept. living out of town, including our Chief, this is the real disaster ? I call it incompetent !

  2. Author

    To be fair it looks like the Chief is against them being sold in Cornwall as well. Now if we can figure out why his fire service is not sending releases to CFN….

  3. I love dogs and cats as well and I laughed like you wouldn’t believe. The entire apt. was in uproar of laughter and I saved this on my site. I remember a dog in the neighborhood where we had our house and the owner wanted to give him a bath outside and he took off and I cornered the dog for the owner. I love these videos. Thanks Jamie.

  4. Jamie fireworks should never be put in the hands of people who are not responsible in the mind like that person who damaged at least 3 houses. The east end was built during the days of the cotton mill’s beginnings and are like tinder boxes and that will all go one day. It would take many fire depts. from everywhere to put that Chicago fire out that Mrs. O’Leary’s cow caused.

  5. I see and hear fireworks going off all the time here in town. Selling them in town with the stipulation that you need a permit to light them is both laughable and impracticable. Either ban them, or unrestrict them. I would prefer ban them although I love to use them, simply because I don’t want any 18 YO kids using them near my property so that a store can make a couple extra bucks.

  6. Back in the mid 80’s my husband’s nephew got himself an apt. in the building that we once rented down the ways from here and some idiot let a firecracker off the balcony and the nephew panicked because he went through the war in Lebanon. The super and owners heard about that and put a stop of fireworks which is illegal used in bldgs.

  7. Some years ago (I should say quite a number of years ago) while growing up in Cornwall I remember a time when there was a stop of the sale of fireworks and that they only required the fire department to set the fireworks off in the parks and not in the hands of the general population and that is the way it should be. There are too many people with mental disabilities, etc. who are not fit.

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