Ottawa Couple Charged – Human Trafficking & Sex Charges JUNE 1, 2017

Ottawa man and woman charged with Human trafficking


(Ottawa) — The Ottawa Police Service Human Trafficking Unit has charged an Ottawa man and woman with several Human trafficking-related charges following an investigation.

On or about mid April a young female went missing in Ottawa. She was located by Barrie Police after a call for service was initiated. The young female was rescued and brought to a place of safety. Ottawa Police took over the investigation and identified two local suspects who were located, arrested and charged.

The Human Trafficking Unit has charged two individuals with the following charges.

Monday, Tyler FLOYD, 30 years and Amanda MAILLOUX, 28 years, both of Ottawa were charged with:

*       Material Benefit from Sexual Services 286.2 CCC

*       Financial Trafficking in a Person by Exercising Control 279.01 CCC

*       Forcible Confinement 279.2 CCC

*       Distributing Child Pornography 163.1 CCC

*       Advertising Another Person’s Sexual Services  286.4 CCC

*       Material Benefit from Sexual Services provided by a Person under 18 286.2 CCC

*       Procuring/Person under 18 years 286.3 CCC

*       Trafficking in Persons under 18 years by Recruiting 279.011 CCC

*       Trafficking in Persons under 18 years by Exercising Control 279.011 CCC

Tyler FLOYD was also solely charged with:

*       Forcible Confinement 279(2) CCC

*       Assault Causing Bodily Harm 267(b) CCC

They appeared in court on Tuesday for a Show Cause hearing.

The Human Trafficking Unit believes there may be more victims. The police investigation continues.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Ottawa Police Human Trafficking Unit at 613-236-1222, ext. 5005.

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