It’s not easy being an Independent media outlet, especially in Cornwall Ontario!  Yet somehow, with limited resources, we keep growing our audience as we start to venture away and grow our Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and other city markets.

March was a busy busy month for CFN!

Raw Log Numbers

Our Unique Visitors 92,853 (IP Numbers) are up 23% from March 2016 to March 2017.

Our Numbers of Visits 205,810 by those visitors are up 19%.

And you clicked on 1,360,566  pages!

(We only report human pageviews – CFN pulled in an additional 1,844,354 non human pageviews.)

From Google Analytics

Our Top 20 Canadian Cities for January 2017

1.) Cornwall 38% = 517,015 pageviews

2.) Ottawa 10.57% = 143,811 pageviews

3.) Montreal = 116,365 pageviews

4.) Toronto = 81,225 pageviews

5.) Kingston = 32,109 pageviews

6.) Brockville = 23809 pageviews

7.) Alexandria = 12,517 pageviews

8.) Gatineau

9.) Clarence Rockland

10.) Hamilton South Lancaster (hi Ed!)

11.) Mississauga

12.) Calgary

13.) South Lancaster (hi Ed!)

14.)  Morrisburg

15.) Belleville

16.) London

17.) Vancouver

18.) Kitchener

19.)  Sudbury

20.) Quinte West

Average Time on Site


Pages per Session


Returning Visitor Rate for March 2017


Mobile Traffic


2017  Demographic Snapshot 

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