Cornwall Ontario – Have you noticed a few more digital ads on CFN?   We want to remove them, but need your help.

Like any newspaper, online or in print, we need your help to survive.  Gone are the days of classified ad revenue, and home delivery revenue.

Nothing of value is ever truly free.  And while we appreciate each and every single viewer of CFN we need you to do your thing to if we are to keep rolling and expanding our coverage.

That means you have to hit the donate button below.  Advertising alone simply isn’t enough for most media outlets in 2017 sadly. (to advertise email

We need 100 people to click that button before July 7th so we can get rid of our interstitial ad which you see once per day if you’re viewing on a desktop computer.   If we reach 200, we’ll remove another digital ad and cut down from 3 to 2 slots!

It truly is all up to you, our amazing CFN viewers!

Your donation is confidential.  Let’s see some donations from Akwesasne and Morrisburg this time around!   And a few more from Toronto!


  1. Sorry, but I haven’t noticed the ads. I guess Ive become immune to them. I learned how to zone these types of things out when I first started using the internet back in the early 90s.

  2. Author

    You also donated last round Hugger. We’re trying to keep them as non distracting as possible. I’d rather not have them and see more local ads.

  3. Or no ads at all would be the cat’s meow.

  4. Author

    lol, Not sure we could survive on subscription donations alone Hugger 🙂

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