#OPP Charge Trucker After Landing in Marsh on 401 to Avoid Ducks JULY 10, 2017


Driver Attempts To Avoid Collision With Ducklings

(PRESCOTT, ON) – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Grenville County Detachment is urging all motorists to expect the unexpected when it comes to wildlife on the highways.


The Grenville County OPP is once again reminding the motoring public to be alert and aware of their surroundings after police investigated a single motor vehicle collision on Highway 401 involving a transport truck Monday morning, July 10, 2017.


At approximately 9:40 am, a commercial vehicle travelling eastbound on Highway 401 swerved to avoid a family of ducks that was on the roadway. In doing so, the driver lost control of the truck, struck the guide rail, and entered the marsh on the south side of the highway. As a result, the highway infrastructure and the involved vehicle sustained serious damage.  The driver was not injured.


Stephen ALLEN (49) of Vineland Ontario has been charged with Unsafe Move, contrary to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.


If you suddenly have wildlife in your path, the OPP encourages drivers to stay in control, reduce as much speed as possible if safe to do so, and to steer straight. By changing your direction quickly, you increase the risk of losing control, running off the roadway, and the likelihood of sustaining greater damage to your vehicle and suffering injury increases significantly.


While the OPP and its traffic safety partners remain committed to saving lives on our roads, drivers, passengers and the general public play important roles in contributing to safer roads.

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  1. All I can say is quack, quack. Perhaps the ducks should be charged for being on the highway. They obviously didn’t see the signs saying no walking on the 401.

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