BREAKING – Fire Strikes First Street in Cornwall Ontario – 080617

Cornwall Ontario – Fire stuck a home on the 400 block of First Street in Cornwall Ontario.

An alert CFN viewer sent in the photo and video as the trucks arrived.    If you see news happen email your photos or video to


We will be updating as more information becomes available.

From a witness:

No people inside. The neighbours siding is melting from the heat, and on the other side the roof is melting. There’s a strong wind. It took the firefighters several minutes to be able to get the water to the fire. It went up fast, I’m sure the house is a write off. Rumours say it started with a BBQ….firefighters had been called to that same address the previous week.


The neighbour on the right rescued the elderly woman from the house on the right of the fire where the siding is melted. He said the heat was extreme.

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  1. There are so many fires in Cornwall and you have to ask yourself what is going on. Hubby was reading about our other building that we lived in on Walkley Rd. area and everything negative and the stoves come on by themselves, bugs, etc. There is so much neglect on the part of owners and tenants these days.

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