What Will Kathleen Wynne Do Today at Queen’s Park? By Jamie Gilcig 081717

Cornwall Ontario – There’s a buzz in the air emanating from Queen’s Park.  The politicos are murmuring as social media buzzes about a cabinet meeting and closed door caucus session of the Wynne government for today.

Speculation is that either there will be a snap election called as expected or that Wynne will pull a McGuinty and fall on her sword.

This Liberal government, long past its best before date and encumbered in scandals is in a pickle.   The thing is that it would take more than Kathy leaving to have any impact on the voting public, as foolish as they can be at times.   The leader resigning trick was done already with no real change in direction.  A repeat would probably not result in another election win.

With all the union deals handed out and other sorta kinda perks dished out as miserly as possible there may only be a small window to possible survive or even eek out a win if Patrick Brown pulls a Tim Hudak.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  What will be of today?   An election call?  Saying goodbye to another Premier, or simply nothing?

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  1. Snap election would make most sense while the Con are self destructing.

  2. I should step up and be an adviser to Patrick Brown to help him become Premier.

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