Dr. Baitz is NOT RETIRING in Cornwall Ontario 082417

Dr. Baitz is NOT RETIRING in Cornwall Ontario 082417

CORNWALL ONTARIO – Dr. Thomas Baitz has outlived a lot of his patients over his 80+ years.  After giving lots of notice that he would stop his work at the Sleep Clinic at the Cornwall Community Hospital, rumours were that he’d retired from medicine.

A sign on his door at the McConnell Medical Clinic was put up to help dispel those rumours, but he wanted CFN viewers and his patients to know that he was still in operation; simply no longer at the hospital.

In chatting with CFN he agreed that real Hungarian Goulash was in fact a secret to his longevity.   Goulash is not the macaroni version that we’ve learned from the US.  It’s a special tantalizing comfort food from Hungary.

Jamie’s Special Hungarian Goulash Recipe!

In a cast iron pan melt some butter and grill some meat cubes of your choice.

Dump into a Dutch Oven or Slow Cooker.  Cover with a heavy red wine.

Add paprika too taste.  Mix in some crushed Caraway seeds.

Add some butter to the cast iron pan and cook up some onions.

Dump into pot with meat.  Make sure wine is above the food.

Add more paprika too taste.

If you’re wild you can fry some peppers and mushrooms with the onions.

Cook low and slow until the house fills with the most amazing smells that might even tempt a Vegan!

Serve over Spaetzle noodles with a dollop of sour cream.

This being true peasant food feel free to tweak the recipe to your liking!

Enjoy and thanks to Dr. Baitz for his years of service!

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