Time For Trudeau Gov’t to Stop Politicizing Refugee Programs. By Jamie Gilcig 082817

Cornwall Ontario – There’s nothing more frightening than having to flee for your life from a war torn country.

Other than historical context this writer has personally spoken with a few that have left and you can almost feel the emotions wafting from people when they share their tales of danger and woe.

We all like to think that Canada is an open and friendly country to those in need.    The Syrian refugee crisis was a brutal waste of Canadian tax dollars. It’s not that we shouldn’t have helped the refugees, but we spent countless millions in waste, bringing people to Canada instead of helping them so that they could eventually return home.

Now with the tent camp at NAV Can we’re abusing the goodwill and public purse right here at home.

As you can see our government has spent top dollar putting up a sparkling tent camp at NAV Can which was a Federal agency at one point and now is making it on its own although they suck up as many public dollars as they can.

Hotel rates for people that have essentially broken the law?  When my former girlfriend from the US wanted to come to Canada and work the obstacles were expensive and time consuming;  yet now we are flagrantly writing cheques to subsidize illegal border crossers; many of whom have been working and living in the US for years.

I get that some are afraid that the US would deport them, but surely it would be cheaper for the Canadian government to fly these folks back to Haiti, or turn them back to the US than house them in Montreal?

After a lot of bad press from coast to coast it looks like the tents will be coming down soon as it’s photogenically more politically advantageous to have the refugees housed in Montreal than a tent city in Cornwall where the public have certainly not embraced their temporary new neighbors.

NAV Can has made a bucket of government cash during this farce.   The military have spent buckets of money too.

But when many on social media pseudo joke about illegal refugees gaining more financially than some of them are struggling to make in this economy one does have to wonder what the heck Gerald Butts is thinking?

We have rules and protocols for a reason.    It’s utterly insulting and abusive to those refugees that follow the rules and it sends the wrong message to the world.

The Trudeau government has to do the right thing and start shipping these people home where they happily can apply to come to our country.   The rules need to be applied or changed so that they are fair to all.

While this mess may highlight the need for an upgrade and maybe more resources into immigration; it needs to be accountable to not only Canadians, but to people all over the World.


  1. What the man in the video just told you is absolutely true and I have been on more videos than a cat has two tails and yes many have clothes that are designer clothes, very expensive cell phones, expensive luggage and all kinds of things and they are here in Canada and the west to exploit us until there is nothing left. You all are debt slaves and no future.

  2. Like I said before these are economic asylum seekers, not refugees. There is a very big difference. We’re all in this together Jules. You’re paying for this as well as us. Join us in the “fun.”

  3. As I’ve said before these are economic asylum seekers. They are not ‘refugees.’ We’re all in this together, no matter where one lives. We are all debt slaves, as recent reports have shown more ands more is going to taxes and less into our pockets. It doesn’t matter if you live in Ottawa, Cornwall or Estevan, SK.

  4. The Haitians are economic migrants and President Trump is sending them all back to Haiti. Trudeau gave all refugees and migrants a special invitation to invade Canada and this is all by design to bring down Canada for the New World Order. No it is no conspiracy theory but a conspiracy fact. I have chequed this over many many times everywhere and it is all true.

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