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Police Bulletin

Calls for Service

Kingston Police had 155 calls for service during the 24 hour period starting from 5:00 a.m. on August 31, 2017. Of these, 104 calls occurred in the city central area, 25 in the west end, 7 in the east end, and 2 north of Highway 401. Some of these included:

  • 2 domestic calls
  • 1 assault call
  • 2 sexual assaults
  • 5 harassment calls
  • 6 undesirable calls
  • 2 drunk calls
  • 2 customer trouble calls
  • 1 custody dispute call
  • 5 alarm calls
  • 4 noise complaints
  • 2 missing person calls
  • 4 Mental Health Act calls
  • 3 medical assist calls
  • 11 assist citizen calls
  • 5 theft calls
  • 5 shoplifting calls
  • 3 mischief calls
  • 1 fraud call
  • 8 motor vehicle collisions
  • 2 driving complaints
  • 11 suspicious activity calls

There were 9 individuals arrested within the last 24 hours including 8 men and 1 woman, between 17 and 57 years of age, for the following: harassment, theft, possession of stolen property, drug possession, fail to comply with judicial release, mischief, warrants, public intoxication, parole revocation, assault, assault with a weapon and breach of probation.

Residents are encouraged to view the Kingston Police Crime Mapping Tool that can be accessed through the website here. To further community awareness and improve accessibility to calls-for-police-service occurring in the community, Kingston Police has merged Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology with police calls-for-service data for user-friendly public consumption.

K-9 Officers track Man after Domestic Assault

Release Date: September 1, 2017


A 32-year-old local man has been arrested after assaulting his partner with a beer bottle.

Close to midnight on August 31, the accused became angry when his partner suggested having a friend over to their Division Street residence. He kicked a hole in a closet door, and when she tried to calm him down he grabbed her hair and threw her down on the ground. The accused proceeded to pour beer on her and when the victim’s relative intervened, the accused fled from the residence. A while later, the accused returned to the home and gained access through a window. This time, he threw a partially full beer bottle at the victim’s face. She received a minor injury after blocking the projectile with her arm. Kingston Police, including K-9, searched for the accused and located him a few blocks away. The accused was arrested and transported to police headquarters where he was held to attend a bail hearing the following day.

The accused was charged with assault, assault with a weapon, mischief, and breach of probation.

For those suffering domestic violence – no one has the right to abuse you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Kingston Police or some of the other valuable support services and resources in the Kingston area:

Shoplifter in Possession of Stolen Credit Cards

Release Date: September 1, 2017


A 28-year-old local woman of no fixed address was apprehended for shoplifting and found to be in possession of numerous credit cards belonging to other people.

On August 31 at approximately 6:30 p.m. Kingston Police were dispatched to a shoplifting call at a downtown store. A security officer had apprehended the accused and was holding her for Police. The stolen merchandise was recovered along with numerous credit cards the accused had unlawfully in her possession. After further investigation, Police learned that the credit cards had been stolen from unlocked vehicles in the downtown area.

The accused was transported to police headquarters where she was held to attend a bail hearing the following day.

The accused was charged with theft and possession of stolen property.

Kingston Police want to remind citizens to always lock your car doors and don’t leave purses and other valuables inside.

Options for Filing a Report or Providing Tips

To make reports or submit tips we offer the following options:

To file a report via:

Please note that we do not take reports directly through our Social Media accounts. These accounts are NOT monitored 24/7. Information submitted to these accounts may not discovered in a timely manner to be acted upon.

To provide anonymous tips via:

  • By calling our general number 613-549-4660 ext. 0 and asking to be anonymous

  • By calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS)

  • Online where you may be eligible for a cash reward up to $2,000.

Kingston Police and Queen’s Alma Mater Society asking students to stay off the streets

September 1, 2017

KINGSTON, ON – The Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University (AMS) and Kingston Police are working collaboratively to ensure the safety of students and residents in and around the University District on Queen’s move-in day: Sunday, September 3, 2017.

In recent years, unsanctioned street parties on University Avenue in the evening following move-in day have been a cause of growing concern. In some incidents, Kingston Police have been required to close down streets for the safety of students partying on the roadway. These closures, however, create a serious health and safety concern by impeding the deliverance of Ambulance, Fire, and Police services to residents, as well as blocking or delaying hospital routes. University Avenue is a key ambulance route, as it connects major west-east roadways with Kingston General Hospital. With the ongoing construction on nearby roads in the University District, it is imperative that University Avenue is kept clear. If and when emergency situations originating in any part of the city arise on Sunday night, the elapsed time it will take for ambulances to make detours as a result of any potential street party may have serious consequences for patients being transported in critical condition.

The AMS and Kingston Police are urging students, on compassionate grounds, to keep major roads in the University District clear. Students are encouraged to enjoy the night by congregating within reason on their front lawns, backyards, or in their houses, but not to block streets and sidewalks in the process. We want the entire community to be aware of this safety concern, as we are hopeful that no student would intentionally act in a way that would potentially endanger the lives of others.

Kingston Police will be present on University Avenue and throughout the University District. Fines will be issued to anyone blocking roads and sidewalks, carrying open liquor, displaying public intoxication, underage drinking, or providing alcohol to people who are underage. Consistent with past years, police will be laying charges on individuals and groups who defy orders to shut down any parties. The AMS wishes to make students aware of this reality in order to minimize the number of fines issued.

It is important to remember that students are part of the larger Kingston community. Queen’s University must always weigh the community impact of student behaviour when planning its events. After the move-in night street party in 2015, Principal Daniel Woolf had to consider the cancellation of Homecoming in that year. It is crucial that the actions of students today do not endanger the future enjoyment of programming by students and residents alike.

Students are encouraged to enjoy their return to Queen’s and the Kingston community in a considerate and thoughtful way. Please, have a safe night, and stay off the streets.


The Alma Mater Society

The Kingston Police

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