Gas Gouging in Ontario and Akwesasne Due to Hurricane Harvey 090117

Cornwall Ontario – Gas prices are up 23 cents per gallon since last Sunday in Akwesasne or approximately 6 cents per litre.  Oddly enough most of the gas sold on the US side of the reservation is in fact from McEwens in Ontario.

Here in Cornwall gas prices have shot up as much as 20 cents per litre ($1.22 per liter)  or 75 cents per US gallon in the same period of time.

Again, this is gas that doesn’t go through Houston, or is refined there.

This is gouging at its near worst.   In Ottawa prices are fixed at the $1.17 mark per liter as of press time.

Montreal, with higher Quebec taxes is hovering around $1.25, while in beautiful Toronto it’s only $1.12.

What’s even more insane is that oil was only trading in the high $40’s per barrel before Harvey.  Brent Crude is only trading at $52 as of press time.  Does it make any sense for this spike in prices?

Is it time for anti-gouging regulations for prices of Oil & Gasoline?

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What do you think dear CFN viewers?   Is it time for anti-gouging and manipulation regulations for the oil industry?




  1. Jamie, that’s wonderful reporting sir and you’re 100 % right, gouging or HIGHWAY robbery.

  2. I understand that some refineries in Texas are shut down due to Harvey. But the others in North America should be able to pick up the slack. This is gouging. But with governments raking in mega taxes on gas do you really think anti-gouging regulations will ever appear? Nope.

  3. I just heard that at least one Texas refinery will be reopening Sunday evening. Let’s see how long we continue to be bent over by Big Oil.

  4. I love my Honda Fit and motorcycle. Twenty cents/litre either way doesn’t make a huge difference to me.

  5. I do know that governments can control weather – now don’t jump to all kinds of things because this is all true. In Alaska this has been done for some time now and my senses are that something really weird is going on and I will say more in the next paragraph that will open your eyes and ears.

  6. For each cent gas raises per litre, this translates into roughly 20 million dollars PER DAY for the Canadian government. ( this is attributed to gas sales across Canada ) This is why the government refuses to apply regulations to the gas industry. The industry today have conditioned us to high prices regardless of actual crude barrel prices. We are being scammed daily.

  7. And this is why the global warming topic is so volatile, they want us to accept global warming is real and at the same time we have to make it better by being carbon taxed to death.

  8. The last government to control gas prices was the Trudeau Liberal government of the seventies. The temporary act of parliament died I believe Dec 31st 1979. Prices at the pump prior to that date could not be increased until a load of gas was delivered to the gas station at the new price.

  9. Hubby and I were talking about this just this morning and he said that he remembers when the gas was $1.65 a litre and it was a shock back then. This is going to affect the price of food, clothing, etc. Plants breathe in carbon dioxide CO 2 BUT NOT CARBON MONOXIDE CO3 which is poison. We humans expel Carbon Dioxide which is good for plants CO2. The government is just out to gouge all of us.

  10. As Canadian we’ve been shafted ever since the Metric system came into
    force , we used to have an Imperial gal measurement for Gas etc , then
    it went to litres 4.546 L = 1 Imp Gal / now 1 US gal = 3.785 L
    It would be very difficult for anyone to think that were not getting shafted by
    the Oil Companies and the Government , just do the math .

  11. Jerry…Noting the general apathy of Canadians at large there appears to be a concensus that throwing money at situations is the best approach. We elected an individual with no real qualifications (unless you weigh heavily on his father having been elected to office) who has proven adept at throwing money around. The budget will balance itself.

  12. Jerry…no worries everything is going according to the liberal plan. Pierre dealt with double digit inflation in the seventies and spent like a drunken sailor. Young Trudeau will likely be dealing with double digit inflation and the good news for Canadians is that his spending ability seems to exceed that of his father’s. Whew, we can all relax.

  13. Relax David. The Liberals didn’t cause the Texas refineries to be swamped by a hurricane. Or was Pierre Trudeau planning this event when he was still ruling the planet? He must have been, otherwise it never would have happened.. No? Those dang liberals screw everything up.

  14. Why am I not surprised that Furtz is still trolling. The comment was directed at Jerry however Furtz felt compelled to attempt to twist and put an intentional inflammatory spin on it. Troll.

  15. As mentioned in another media source yesterday Ottawa and the area (Cornwall included, etc.) have seen gas prices rise about 27% since Harvey. The rest of Ontario is at 12 %. Across Canada the average is 13%. So, yes we are getting butt f**ked.

  16. It makes no sense that a storm can raise the price of gas. Lets say I fix your car today and tell you to pay me $100 in a week. Well after a week passes I tell you the bill will now be $165, because if I had to fix it today it would tie up my shop and cause all kinds of inconvenience for me. It’s the exact same logic, I don’t care how you spin it. Ever hear “long weekend, gas prices will be up”?

  17. If we weren’t being gouged, why would gas prices go up every long weekend, without hurricanes? Everyone knows and says it. Also, how much has the etest help the environment? Where’s all that $ gone? If it’s so important, why doesn’t Quebec have to do it? Maybe just Ontario should be carbon taxed, no other province, and all these super hurricanes and drowning polar bears will go away. Imbeciles.

  18. We should have our own oil refineries here in Canada and someone said that as well when I was reading comments on other posts. Winter is just around the corner and my arthritis is killing since a week.

  19. We do have our own oil refineries in Canada. Just not enough to refine the amount of crude we produce, so some of it is sent to the country below us.

  20. Thanks for letting me know Hugger. This has been a topic of conversation a few years back and I fell on it again just a few days ago. Gas was expensive this morning as well. This is completely ridiculous and everything will go up in price including food, fuel, etc. Those who drive for a living are being hit hard as well as those who commute.

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