Calvin D Hanson PHOTO OF THE DAY Smoke Phase Wild Turkeys 092117

Cornwall Ontario –  Calvin D Hanson is getting into the season with some lovely shots of Wild Turkey’s in our area.

From Mr. Hanson:

This past week I have been photographing in Long Sault, and to my total surprise I saw and was very lucky to get pictures of an unusual whitish-coloured wild turkey chick.  This colouring is customarily referred to as “Smoke Phase” wild turkeys, and quite rare.


There are many articles on the internet about Smoke Phase wild turkeys.


  1. Calvin, absolutely beautiful pictures, I always enjoy seeing them……

  2. We see the cardinal bird and the gros beak every day in the park here in Ottawa. This morning we heard the blue jay. Looking that those birds in person are even better. We see the ducks in the river as well as the geese and plenty of squirrels around. Even wild rabbits.

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