View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Jagmeet Singh Sets for an Interesting 2019 Election

Ottawa Ontario – With the NDP electing Jagmeet Singh as their new leader we have seen the stage set for an interesting federal election in 2019. In a way it is the passing of the political torch from the baby boomers to the younger generation.

Not only is Singh a match for Justin Trudeau on the charismatic meter, but he is also a smarter politician. Up until now Trudeau has pretty much had things his way with media coverage, especially that of the younger generation of reporters. Now he has competition. This will be interesting to watch as we move towards 2019.

The issue for the Conservatives will be how to garner media attention when the focus will be on the other two showboats. How will the Conservatives make dull and low key the alternative? This is not to say that they can’t. The Conservatives can present policies that are attractive and reflect what the voters want. They can be the opposite of the “spend my tax dollars” Liberals and NDP, but it will be a lot of work.

In the past the Conservatives have always benefited from a strong NDP, stealing votes from the Liberals. My attack team was often told to leave the NDP alone even when we had a good issue, and that included when in the election war room. During elections we could respond to individual riding requests, but there was no concerted effort to go after their national campaign or leader.

For the next week or so it will be all about Jagmeet Singh, the new kid on the block. After that things will level off and it will be back to the trenches for all three political leaders. The election in 2019 is still a long way away.


  1. It’s going to be an interesting election in October 2019. With two new opposition leaders, Andrew Scheer and Jagmeet Singh, whom I see as caretaker leaders. The leaders of opposition parties after a sweep election, IMHO, are caretaker leaders. They’ll be there until after the next election. Then their parties will get serious about trying to win and put leaders in place who can actually win.

  2. The cost of servicing massive federal debt/spending as interest rates rise steadily over the next two years will in my opinion become a key election focus. The liberals have proven adept at selling increases to taxation to the masses. The NDP are well socialists, everyone pays. The conservatives will attempt to ease everyone’s burden. I agree Hugger1 it will likely be interesting.

  3. Hugger put up a gold star on the wall – your jules agrees with you. That is the feeling that I have been having these days. Trudeau is no good at all – the most useless thing that a cardboard cutout would do better and Sheer is a very weak person – not the experience and personality needed for the job. Honest I prefer Harper back in the cat bird seat as PM.

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