5 Different Days Out in Ontario

5 Different Days Out in Ontario


When people think of Eastern Canada, they often think of the gushing rivers, the sprawling pines, and the thundering power of Niagara Falls. People rarely think of high octane thrill rides – though they really should start to. The vistas give way to some hidden gems in the way of activity parks that combine the rugged terrain and natural beauty with something for the thrill seekers. Here’s a rundown of the top 5 different days out in Ontario.

1. Calypso Park, ON

Ottawa’s Calypso Park is an exhilarating water park that combines tubular water slides with names like Adrenaline and Black Hole, with the stunning surroundings you can glimpse as you ascend the ladder. The park caters for everyone, from those just wanting a fun day out with friends, to those with a more competitive spirit wanting to challenge their friends to the fastest, steepest, wettest rides. If you don’t fancy that, you can always become a rollercoaster park designer with Rollercoaster Tycoon, newly released for play on Steam, which allows you to try your hand at running a theme park – which can sometimes be as hair-raising as riding the rides.

2. Skywood Eco Adventure, ON

Skywood Eco Adventure is Canada’s largest aerial adventure and zip line park. Built into the treetops of Mallorytown, Skywood can also be used as a team-building exercise for work colleagues. Harnessed high up in the sky, park guests will have the chance to face their fears and clamber around, with nothing but the ground below them. Although if you don’t have a head for heights, find your promo for the Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune slot game, which mimics the highs and lows from the comfort of your own home with three and five reel slot gameplay.

3. Centreville Theme Park, ON

Described as a great getaway from the city – and with no admission fee – Centreville Theme Park provides bundles of rides for a more relaxing afternoon. From log flumes, to swan boats, to a vintage carousel and miniature railway, Centreville offers the perfect Sunday afternoon day trip. For those who enjoy their rides fast – but not too fast – Centreville provides plenty of opportunities.

4. Lamoreux Park, ON

Less of a theme park, and more of an actual park, Lamoreux Park provides a different kind of activity – one that utilises its unique location by the sea. The park is teeming with aquatic information centres, the marina, and various water themed points of interest. The deep green grass and fresh sea air combine to wrap the trip up in an iconic Eastern Canadian feeling. The eco garden allows park guests the opportunity to connect with the natural beauty has to offer, in the framing of a nice stroll in the autumn sun.

5. Guindon Park, ON

For a chance to really blot out the city and the stresses and strains of everyday life, Guindon Park provides a stunning oasis of peace and quiet amidst the busting metropoles. Maintained delicately all year round, Guindon Park spans 500 acres in which to explore.

Ontario really does have something for everyone – from the thrill seekers to those more content to just stroll around. However you like to pass the time, there is something in Ontario for you.




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