Clement & Macdonald Silent Over Lack of Female Police Officers in Cornwall by Jamie Gilcig 102317

Cornwall Ontario – After we did our story about Cornwall Ontario’s bloated police budget; something that has spiraled up sharply with the support of Councilors Elaine MacDonald and Bernadette Clement through the last three terms, this newspaper sent out several emails asking for comment and response.

In that story we showed that there were 62 officers of the CCPS on the Sunshine list.   Of those 62 only 8 or 7% were women which is about 1/3rd of the National average for Police across Canada.

Clearly these women, who have already proven expert at giving “lip service” to important issues, have failed gender equality in that they clearly have been a part of this problem during their terms in office.

A quick referral to the RCMP, OPP, and Kingston Police revealed numbers of about  2o% for both the OPP and RCMP. Kingston had 18%.

The CCPS were not one of those forces sadly.

Could this impact the poor numbers related to sexual assault investigations as exploded by the amazing series produced by the Globe and Mail earlier this year that saw several police forces take action to improve their process and in some situations go back and open investigations for complaints that were not investigated?

Cornwall has had some of the highest rates of violent crime against women in all of Canada over the last decade.

Of the Sunshine List the highest earning female officer only was ranked #8 with those on the list making substantially less than their male counterparts.

Emails were sent to Chief Dan Parkinson and media officer Dan Cloutier with zero response.

The Police Association didn’t respond, but what was most disturbing was that an email was sent out which included our three female councilors as well as labour leader Darlene Jalbert, and Police Board member Manon Thompson.

Should Cornwall Ontario's New Police Chief Be a Woman?

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Not a single comment for publication or otherwise.

It sounds that part of the clean up, especially as our Police Chief is retiring, is to bring in some fresh blood and if all things are equal this writer thinks it’s time for a new Police Chief, not from this area, who is in fact a woman.

It’s also time to do an outside investigation into the CCPS and maybe clean house of some of these Staff Sgts who may not be providing value to the taxpayer, while focusing on bringing our gender equality numbers closer to the average.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.



  1. “Should Cornwall Ontario’s New Police Chief Be a Woman?”

    Sure, and why not? …a lack of testicles hasn’t hurt a chief’s career yet.

  2. I am a woman and I say NO DEFINITELY NOT! Women have gone way too far in a mans line of work and I put my foot down when things get out of hand. This is a mans line of work and women are used for looking after women so as men cannot be prosecuted for touching them in ways that they would touch a man and still it is a mighty touch area for a woman to be in.

  3. Jamie again someone is using my addy. I will not come back until this matter is cleared up.

  4. Author

    I thought some of your posts were too coherent of late Jules. All fixed.

  5. Jamie that wasn’t me who posted those two posts and coherent or not it wasn’t me at all. I don’t believe in women cops either and I wont say what they are good for here but you can use your imagination.

  6. I am also against women firefighters as well. There are jobs for women and there are jobs for men. Too many women want to wear the pants and no wonder there is 60% failure in marriage. I have been married for 43 years and counting. We must be doing something right somewhere. I cant figure it out maybe because of my good sense of humor I don’t know.

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