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Cornwall Ontario – Affordable Dupes For High End Palettes So I’ve done a little digging for you all and I’ve come across some really great quality dupes for some of your favourite high end palettes that you may already have or had your eye on! It’s the perfect time of the year with the holidays around the corner they could even make as great gifts for a fraction of the price so let’s get into it!

If you’ve been eyeing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette priced at 55$ then you’re definitely in luck because there is a 10$ dupe called Retro Love.

Looking at the photo you would never be able to tell them apart but in case you’re wondering the bottom palette is Subculture and the top is Retro Love.

The great thing about this dupe is that the quality seems to be much better then the controversial Subculture palette!

For you Too Faced lovers you’ve obviously seen the Sweet Peach Palette priced at 59$ and if you’ve been wanting to try it then you should give the dupe a try which is the Sugar Palette again only 10$

The only thing it doesn’t have is the peach scent you would notice right away with the Too Faced palette but at 10$ you can definitely do without it!

Thinking of picking up the Aurora Glow Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills?

Then the 10$ Unicorn Glow Palette will do the trick the packaging is however a little different but the searches are just about the same colours and the dupe comes with a mirror which the Aurora palette does not.

These are both great palettes for people who like different highlighters compared to the normal generic shades you often see.

So any makeup lover knows of,  or definitely has the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills it’s definitely a cult classic,  so if you’ve been wanting to pick this up but didn’t feel like paying 55$ then try The Royals palette for only 10$.

The quality of the shadows are definitely on point and at such a low cost you can’t possibly go wrong!

The Rose Gold Edition palette by Huda Beauty at 85$ has been our for some time now but it’s been a huge success and definitely a palette I use often, but it is expensive and I can understand how some people would not be able to justify spending that kind of money on makeup so why not try the Aphrodite palette at 10$?

If you missed out on Natalie Guerrero glow Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills don’t worry because I’ve also found another 10$ dupe for this one.

The Rose Glow palette is pretty close and will give you the same look!

These are all great options for any makeup lover on a budget.

Some websites also offers free shipping over 25$ if you are located in the US.  International shipping will run you 20$, but some sites have promo codes at checkouts that can save 10% or more off your total order so I would recommend grabbing a few items to make it worth your while but all in all these are great dupes and are great gift ideas.

Let me know in the comments if you plan on trying any or if you have any of these in your collection!

Please post your comments and questions below and thanks for reading!

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