Grave Desecration – Will Katherine Collins & Haley Peyman End Up 11B in Brockville? 102217

Cornwall Ontario – In one of the strangest and frankly sickly offensive crimes this writer has ever covered, two women have had court dates bumped in a case alleging that both women urinated on the grave of a disabled three year old boy.

Section 11B allows for cases to be dropped if not tried in a timely fashion.   In this case a video was posted to anti-social media which exposed the women and community of Brockville to World scrutiny including coverage in British media.

Both women, 26, were charged in April of 2016.

There have been over 1000 letters to the crown to follow through on trial, which is scheduled for Monday October 23, 2017, tomorrow.   It’s not clear yet whether the trial will finally commence or be bounced again.

It’s also not clear why sickos would desecrate the grave of a young child in this manner?  Neither of the women’s faces are pictured in the video, and were charged by the OPP.




  1. Jamie the word SICKO is absolutely right and we have a world of sickos today and getting worse. People have no feelings at all anymore and it is not a place of love and togetherness at all. I have more feelings for animals because they are better than the majority of humans and that is the truth. People like that is nothing but filth to do such a thing.

  2. To his parents, so sorry for your loss, this is just heart breaking

  3. There is nothing worse than the loss of ones child and then this a dessicration to a grave. Society is nothing but a piece of doo doo today and getting a great deal worse. I want nothing to do with todays society at all.

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