Habs Implosion Will be Messy. By Jamie Gilcig 102717

Cornwall Ontario – Habs GM Rejean Houle Marc Bergevin stuck his head out to have a confab with media after their win earlier this week.    Last night the team responded to their victory by being shutout by LA in their own bard while goalie Carey Price was mock applauded for make a save late in the game.

Carey should get used to that.  By taking a high level contract instead of giving the team a home team discount he will have to get used to abuse; at least until he demands a trade if he hasn’t done so already.

Not being a big believer in beating dead horses this writer won’t even cover Bergy’s presser which was about as illuminating as most pro athlete interviews.  If you ever saw Bull Durham you knowest of what I typeth.

The bigger question is what Geoff Molson, team owner,  is thinking as this will clearly be a lost season, and frankly more of his own making that his GM’s.   Getting a good draft pick is like finding that bonus lifeboat on the Titanic.

The Montreal Canadiens should never be playing for the pick.    This is a team that failed after the Price injury of a few years ago; has failed to address its major needs, unless ownership feels that mediocre players with francophone names is more important than winning.  (it’s not) And now is embroiled in a anti-Russian mini scandal being attributed to coach Claude Julien who so far,  this writer is not impressed by.

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The last time Price played this badly his coach was fired.   Clearly Molson will have to do something to right his ship and investment,   as fans are not as patient as old.  There simply are too many options on the internet for their attention and cash.

Can Montreal afford to play like Arizona in any season?   Even Vancouver managed to make moves and is third in their conference with a healthy +6 goal differential.

The only NHL team with a worse record than Montreal right now is Arizona, and that team should be delegated to the AHL.

The excuses given by Bergy at his latest presser were not illuminating.  They were the obvious.  There were questions that Mr. Molson should be asking of himself and his GM.    And then he should fire his GM and blow things up.    This roster is a bubble team at best with its premium players over 30.   That’s not an upwards trajectory.

Missing Habs in 2017/18 too date.

Sergachev 10 pts in 11  +4

PK Subban 8 pts in 9 games – 0.

Radulov 7 pts in 10 games +1

Andrighetto 6 pts in 9 games -3

Emelin  2 pts in 8 games  +1

Desharnais 5 pts in 11 games  0 62.7 FO

Eller 3 pts in 9 games  -3  52.9 FO

Weise  2 pts in 9 games 0

Kassian 1 pt in 9 games +1

Beaulieu 2 pts in 8 games -1


Markov KHL 11 pts in 15 games -1

You can’t argue with numbers.  Sometimes you can’t even spin them.   These numbers speak for themselves.   It’s only a matter of when.

What do you think Hab fans?  You can post your comments below.



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