How to Support the Students First Rally!!

We understand as students that not everyone who wants to can make it to Toronto for the College Student Alliance’s student rally at Queen’s Park this Wednesday, November 1st; however, there is still a way we can all participate and join the collective student voice by having our own solidarity rally outside local MPP Jim McDonell’s office at the same time it is taking place in Queen’s Park in Toronto. It is extremely important to note that this rally is IMPARTIAL, meaning it is NOT in support of OPSEU or CEC; but in support of OURSELVES, the students, and our right to get back to classes! The more we make our voices heard the better chance we have at reaching our mutual goal of returning to class! There is strength in numbers! Please join us outside Jim McDonell’s office at Time Square (120 Second Street West) this Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 from 1pm to 3pm. Please feel free to create signs to help get YOUR message across. Remember: we will be there to make sure that our voices are heard; however, we must conduct ourselves in a peaceful and respectful manner. PLEASE COME AND JOIN US! NOBODY CAN LISTEN IF WE DON’T SPEAK UP!

What: Student Solidarity Rally with the College Student Alliance

Where: Jim McDonell’s office at Time Square – 120 Second Street West, Cornwall

When: Wednesday, November 1st – 1pm – 3pm

Who: All St. Lawrence College students welcome!

Why: To encourage all parties to get back to the bargaining table so students can return to class


Please visit the College Student Alliance web page:


Please join the following facebook event page to leave any questions or comments you may have, and to let us know if you are able to attend:

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  1. With no progress resolving the causes and effects of this workplace dispute, it’s pretty clear that self-serving political and bureaucratic interests take precedence over a college’s purpose — to educate and train.

    But there’s a glimmer of hope, as student activists step up and organize — challenging the establishment to focus on education, and address the strike’s victims …Students!

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