First Snow to Hit Cornwall THURSDAY Weather ALERT 110917

Cornwall Ontario – Brr!  The River City area is waking up to below zero temps as we await our first snow of the season today.

A cold snap has hit our area.  Expected mixed precipitation starting in the afternoon, and high winds.

Our overnight low will be -9c.    Friday’s high is only expected to be -5c!

Temps will warm back up for the weekend with lots of sun expected.


4:28 AM EST Thursday 09 November 2017
Weather advisory in effect for:

  • Cornwall – Lancaster
  • Maxville – Alexandria
  • Morrisburg – Long Sault
  • Winchester – Newington

Winter Weather Travel Advisory in effect for tonight.

Snowfall and rapidly falling temperatures could affect road conditions this evening and then strong winds develop.

A cold front is expected to track over Southern Ontario later today. As this front passes temperatures will drop and scattered rain showers will change to flurries in the evening. Temperatures will continue to drop well below freezing late this evening. As a result, untreated surfaces could become icy and slippery. In addition, gusty westerly winds will develop tonight associated with a low pressure system with reduced visibility in blowing snow possible.

Wind gusts to 70 kilometres per hour are likely and local tree damage affecting power lines is possible.


  1. No wonder my arthritis is killing me. I am having problems breathing and hubby is worried. I told him to calm down that I am too evil to meet the Good Lord just now. LOL LOL. I had to laugh yesterday like you wouldn’t believe when hubby said that in the US a 93 year old WWII vet was elected mayor of some city and at that age he has both feet in the box and ready to go to the pearly gates.

  2. Snow, snow, snow. I am trying to think about Bing Crosby and the movie White Christmas. Those were the days. My arthritis is killing and I said that to hubbys niece in Australia. My old bones are cracking every time I move and painful. Oh before I sign off Jamie the Moose Jaw Herald has only 25 employees left and are soon finished for good. Your newspaper is the very best Jamie.

  3. Is it just me or have we turned into wussies? It’s gotten ridiculous when they call for “snow days” now. I know it’s all about safety for the school kids. But there has to be a better system than what they use now for calling “snow days.” We were supposed to get a few cms of snow and the cities go in to panic mode.

  4. 25 employees at a city paper that serves 33,000 people? I think that’s good. Too bad PostMedia can’t learn the lesson. For what PostMedia charges for their subscriptions it’s ridiculous for what they produce.

  5. Hugger Cornwalls toilet papers of record are going to be gone sooner than people think. Cornwall is mighty small and most people are already dead or left town and very few standing. The toilet papers of record are going down and JAMIE IS NUMBER 1 AND I MEAN THAT FULLY. I am in Ottawa and I read Jamies paper all the time and he is the very best there is.

  6. I went out for my usual morning walk with hubby then I went out with my daughter and I am still shivering over the cold that that was some hours ago so into the tub I go. LOL LOL. It is going to snow and I can feel it in my old, run down old carcass. I bought more material for quilting and the sales lady said there is a quilter and I said yes and this is my candy shop. LOL LOL.

  7. Hubby told me this morning that it snowed overnight. Today he said that I am as pale as a ghost. I sure don’t feel well today and we went out this morning and I gave a lot of pumpkin seeds to the birds and squirrels. I saw plenty of birds flying around and squirrels running in all directions. Hubby jumped when a chipmunk went running by in front of him. LOL LOL. ROLF!

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