Cornwall Business Man to Pay for Charity & Not For Profit Ads on CFN! CLICK FOR DETAILS

Cornwall Ontario – True charity begins at home, and true charity is that, charity, giving without expecting anything back.

One local business person wanted to help groups locally, and the support the community initiatives that CFN helps.

At one point he offered to pay for an entire year of advertising for the OSPCA locally, but Carol Link never responded to the generous offer.  There are a few other Cornwall charities, like the United Way and Agape Food Bank, that boycott the largest newspaper in their home community because of petty board politics which frankly is utterly insane.   These people should not be on boards or serve the public if they put their petty personal boo boo feelings above the much needed goals of groups like the United Way who have failed their fundraising targets to the point of not publishing one for this year according to other local media.

Recently we had the War Amps send us a release which we wanted to run.   CFN gets multiple requests for support for charities weekly.  We asked Medical Arts Pharmacy to support that initiative, but they refused even though we heavily discounted the ad.

Hearing this, the local business person chatted with CFN and decided to donate a fixed amount to support charity releases which we have agreed to match for the upcoming year!

We’re hoping to promote one charity or not for profit each month with a banner and full page ad starting in January!   We’re also hoping that more business people join the program as well. The groups do not have to be local as CFN reaches a lot of communities across the region   LINK

If your group or charity wish to get free promotion and marketing support please email or dial 855 444 1133.


  1. Jamie when I worked in the federal government many years ago they ripped off $10. off my pay to give to the United Way. I wanted that money to go to the Salvation Army instead but they would not have it. The Sally Ann is the better of the organizations including the OSPCA. I would not support anyone who does not support you Jamie and that is the truth. You are NUMBER 1 in my opinion.

  2. I remember my old doctor who was a WWII veteran said that the Salvation Army was the best during the wars and helped the soldiers, etc. This doctor was Ottawas best and I had to pay him since he opted out of OHIP. I miss that old doctor and he sure was the best. He died not long after my daughter was born maybe a year after.

  3. Author

    The good news is that another local person has stepped up with a donation for advertising. We’re calling the two Cornwall charities he supports on Monday.

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