View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Trudeau Not Keeping Canadians Safe – ISIS Vets

Ottawa Ontario – When one takes the oath of office as Prime Minister or of Minister of Public Safety, it is implied that you will do your very best to keep Canada and Canadian men, women and children safe. This includes from both external threats and internal ones.

But if you are Justin Trudeau, you welcome back at last count some 64 battle hardened terrorists with gobbledygook about rehabilitating them. Trudeau’s own Public Safety minister admits that it is highly unlikely if these terrorists will ever be rehabilitated. Interviews that I have seen with experts in that rehabilitation process admit that at the maximum maybe 20% have a chance to be rehabilitated.

If we accept that figure then 80% or 52 terrorists cannot be helped and remain a threat. What happened to keeping Canadians safe?

What happened is some bleeding-heart Liberals decided to gamble with the lives of our citizens and allow these fighters to come back home, to wander our streets, to visit crowded shopping malls at Christmas etc. It is a crazy policy.

The way you stop this nonsense is to employ the same people who stopped the tax on small business.

Where are the enterprising reporters who will call every single Liberal backbencher to ask them if they agree with the Prime Minister and this policy? And once you have those answers call every single Liberal riding President and ask them the same question. Let these Liberal MPs stand up and be counted. Let each Liberal MP, go on the record and state if they agree with allowing these terrorists to come home to enjoy the very freedoms that these fighters helped to savagely crush.

Then call every cabinet minister and ask them the same question and their riding presidents as well. I would bet most cabinet ministers will duck the question or grovel to keep their job and spout the same talking points as Trudeau. But, backbenchers have to get re-elected and the vast majority of them will be well tuned to how their voters feel on this issue. They need to get re-elected and that crunch is coming up in 2019.

I would suggest that how the Liberal MPs answer the question will make for some interesting copy and something that the media could have some fun with. A backbench revolt is the only way to deal with this issue as Trudeau is living in La-La land somewhere posing for selfies.

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