Project Sabotage Seize 24 Guns Cocaine Fentanyl – 13 Arrests in Ottawa Gatineau 121517

Project Sabotage: Guns and drugs seized, 16 people charged

(Ottawa) – Project Sabotage, a six month Guns and Gangs Unit-led investigation into gun and drug trafficking in the city of Ottawa has resulted in 16 people charged with multiple offences. 13 people have been arrested so far.

The covert and undercover investigation involved the use of a police agent.

The investigation led to the execution of 14 search warrants at addresses across the region, beginning Thursday morning with Gatineau Police, Sûreté du Québec, RCMP and other OPS investigative sections assisting.

“Gun violence is an enforcement priority for our Service. This important Guns and Gangs investigation targeted gun and drug trafficking in our community,” said Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau. “This project will have a significant impact on gang and illicit trafficking operations and we will continue with these efforts to ensure the safety of the public.”

Officers seized 24 firearms including semi-automatic weapons, long guns, handguns (both revolvers and semi auto pistols) and ammunition. Narcotics (cocaine and Fentanyl patches) were also seized along with a drug press and cash. In one case a semi-automatic weapon was modified with a bump stock.

“Project Sabotage addresses illegal gun and drug trafficking through enforcement and suppression,” said Ottawa Police Guns and Gangs Staff Sergeant Tim Hodgins. “Enforcement projects like Sabotage are a vital tool for helping to reduce gun trafficking and reduce gun violence in our city.”

Project Sabotage resulted in the following persons being charged:

Mishaal ALSHAMMIRY CDSA charges – 6

Male 29, of Gatineau                        CC (firearms) charges – 20

                                                                CC (other) charges – 22


Fahim SAYEED                                 CDSA charges – 10

Male 22, of Ottawa                            CC (firearms) charges – 1

                                                                CC (other) charges – 8


Anthony PREST-GUIDO CC (firearms) charges – 20

Male 23, of Ottawa                            CC (other) charges – 1


Nick MENARD*                                 CDSA charges –4

Male 25, of Ottawa                            CC (firearms) charges – 1

                                                                CC (other) charges – 2


Ozair REHMAN*                                               CDSA charges – 2

Male 26, of Ottawa                            CC (firearms) charges – 3

                                                                CC (other) charges – 1


Akada BRUCE                                    CC (firearms) charges – 3

Male, 40 of Ottawa                            CC (other) charges – 1


Abdulazziz AL-ENZI                        CDSA charges – 2

Male, 30 of Ottawa                            CC (other) charges – 1



Adel AL-ENZI*                                   CDSA charges – 4

Male, 24 of Ottawa                            CC (firearms) charges – 1

                                                                CC (other) charges – 2


Nima SABERI                                     CC (firearms) charges – 23

Male, 28 of Ottawa                           


Tarentino DACOSTA                       CC (firearms) charges – 33

Male, 24 of Ottawa                            CC (other) charges – 3



Dominik MONTIGIRAUD               CC (firearms) – 24

Male, 25, of Ottawa


Denis CARRIERE                              CC (firearms) charges – 9

Male, 42, of Gatineau                      


Miles KEMPFFER-HOSSACK      CC (firearms) charges – 29

Male, 20 of Gatineau                       


Osman KASSAR                 CDSA charges – 1

Male, 28, of Ottawa                          


*Wanted on an Arrest Warrant

All of the accused appeared in Show Cause Court yesterday.


  1. From the looks of the majority of these names Trudeau brought in his favorite of favorites to add to the druggie gene pool of idiots. There are plenty of those around here in Ottawa. God Help Us All we are in mighty big trouble. I tried to talk the other day and everything got mucked up. You all have no idea how much trouble we are all in. You will all find out soon. OMG!

  2. The Liberal plan for legalization (partial) of cannabis to protect our children (produce tax revenue) will promote a better organized black market continue to jail people punitively (imo) and fuel massive increases to policing budgets. Decision making at its finest. Get your wallets out.

  3. Jules you are quite possibly right about the future. The tires do seem to have left the pavement and we do seem to be heading for the rhubarb. A soft landing I agree is not the likely outcome.

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