Record Breaking Cold Temps in Cornwall Ontario JANUARY 1, 2018

Cornwall Ontario – The River City woke up to -30c temperatures,and that was before the wind chill!   The previous record was -26.7c set in 1962.

Extreme cold warnings are in effect although it is gorgeous and bright out.   Extra care from the sun while driving is advised as well.

We should see a high today of -20c before warmer air starts to move into the Cornwall area.

Tuesday through Thursday will see a break from the frigid Arctic air we’ve been experiencing with highs above -10c.

Alerts for: Cornwall – Morrisburg


4:43 AM EST Monday 01 January 2018
Extreme Cold Warning in effect for:

  • Cornwall – Lancaster
  • Maxville – Alexandria
  • Morrisburg – Long Sault
  • Winchester – Newington

A multi-day episode of very cold wind chills is expected. A multi-day episode of very cold wind chills is expected.

2018 starts with a bitter cold day.

Windchill values near or below minus 35 are expected in most areas early this morning.

These wind chills will moderate during day. However, latest indications continue to show that these very cold conditions will likely persist into Tuesday for most areas before moderating somewhat around midweek.

Extreme cold puts everyone at risk.

Cover up. Frostbite can develop within minutes on exposed skin, especially with wind chill.

Check on older family, friends and neighbours.

Keep emergency supplies in your vehicle such as extra blankets and jumper cables.

If it’s too cold for you to stay outside, it’s too cold for your pet to stay outside.

Extreme cold warnings are issued when very cold temperatures or wind chill creates an elevated risk to health such as frost bite and hypothermia.


  1. Everyone, please remind those with dogs to be extra careful with how much time their dog’s paws are on the cold ground. It doesn’t take long to do permanent damage, watch for them lifting their paws up, it indicates discomfort and they are telling to they’ve had enough.

  2. Author

    My monsters wanted out this morning and Lily and her tiny toes were limping from cold in less than 5 minutes.

  3. No doubt Jamie, I have 2 big dogs, a German Shepherd and a big mut, and it’s the same with them, couple minutes and the limping starts. The poor babies. Some dogs don’t limp as much like that, but you can bet they still freeze. So don’t forget them outside like we can do sometimes, it can turn out very bad for them. Happy new year everyone!!

  4. Author

    Happy 2018 to you too Jerry!

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