STEO Site Crashes – ALL BUSES CANCELLED for THURSDAY JAN 11, 2017 Freezing Rain ALERT

Cornwall Ontario – Freezing rain alerts and a crashing website have led to some confusion early Thursday morning.

It’s 7c and raining as of press time this morning with warm temps into tomorrow greasing up road surfaces.

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4:15 AM EST Thursday 11 January 2018
Freezing rain warning in effect for:

  • Cornwall – Lancaster
  • Maxville – Alexandria

Over portions of extreme eastern Ontario, temperatures remain just below the freezing mark early this morning. Areas of light freezing rain will likely affect the region, but amounts are not expected to be overly significant.

Temperatures are expected to rise above the freezing mark later this morning ending the threat of freezing rain.

Surfaces such as highways, roads, walkways and parking lots may become icy and slippery. Take extra care when walking or driving in affected areas.


  1. Nope nothing slippery! What a joke the bus cancellation have become! Honestly if they are calling for 2 cm’s of snow I have my parents on standby in case the buses are cancelled.

    It’s absolutely ridiculous! I had a friend lose her job last year because she had to stay home on snow days. Do people not realize we live in CANADA!

  2. I totally agree with Bob. Two “snow days” this week so far. The system for determining when a “snow day” should be called needs to revamped. It may be slippery out in the counties or outside the city and perfectly fine for driving in the city. Cancelling ALL buses because of this makes no sense. There needs to be zones created, so these unnecessary “snow days” are avoided.It has become laughable.

  3. Bob I hear you but the demographics in Canada are rapidly changing. Approximately 40% of our population is 2nd generation or newer. Besides we don’t really have “weather” it’s all about climate change. No worries though because Liberals know that taxation will fix that issue.

  4. It’s a shame that the Liberals are responsible for every problem known to humanity, because Kathleen Wynne is the best premier that Ontario has ever had. That’s a fact!

  5. Author

    Someone’s bored and looking for attention Furtz ol chum. Jules must be going more insane reading that one 😉

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