CCPS Hearing for 18 Counts vs Sgt Shawn Martelle Deferred Until July 2018

Cornwall Ontario –  The mysterious case of Cornwall Community Police Service Sgt Shawn Martelle continued this morning via teleconference.

Sgt Martelle, who’s on suspended duty, was not present as he’s now on medical leave.

The hearing quickly was adjourned until July 20, 2018, but the bigger question is if he will even be on the force at that time as he’s due to retire this year.

As well the CCPS is still refusing to state what any of the charges are related to?

Charges:             – Neglect of Duty (11 Counts)

– Discreditable Conduct (5 Counts)

–  Deceit (2 Counts)

We will be updating this story as more information becomes available.  (


  1. I’m pretty sure we should know what the charges since we pay his salary and are still paying his salary even though he’s suspended. Well hopefully the new chief will reign his staff in! It’s time that we let go of CCPS and brought in the O.P.P. The CCPS is costing to much money as are our firefighters. Firefighters in Cornwall make the same money as the ones in Ottawa. Does that make sense?

  2. I can see how this plays out. In six months near or after Sgt Martelle has retired the CCPS “prosecutor” will say since Sgt Martelle has retired or is soon to retire there is no need to pursue these charges. And once again a police officer gets off scot free and at the same time sits at home doing nothing while being paid. Arrggghhhh!!!!!

  3. This situation appears to be very questionable indeed .
    All these charges and Sgt Martell is on sick leave with pay and possibly going
    to retire this year , how convenient , and the public are not even allowed to know
    what the charges were related to ?

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