Why Did Crown Jennifer Burke Hand the Cadieux Fatality Case to a Unilingual Articling Student?

Cornwall Ontario – Robert Cadieux is working hard to get justice to the memory of his wife Kristine who died in a tragic incident on the 401 at the hands of Quebec driver Felix Laframboise after clipping their van after coming through a construction zone.  He posted the above image on his V.O.I.C.E. facebook group to fight for victims and a change in the system.

As CFN broke the story, the family was astounded, upset, and hurt to be told that Mr. Laframboise was given a $2,000 fine and no suspension of his driver’s licence.

As it turned out Crown Jennifer Burke handed off the case to an articling student at the Crown’s Attorneys office.

Multiple sources have been helping to piece together what appears to have occured in this case that involved a death, and devastation of a family.

It appears that because of a language issue, Mr. Laframboise wishing to be heard in French.

The big question is why a full time senior assistant crown such as Jason Pilon wouldn’t be assigned as it involved a death?    Why would Crown Jennifer Burke just pass off a case, and because the articling student didn’t speak French there may have been a dropping of the ball that created the frustration and pain for the family?

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  1. IF, all the above allegations are factual, the Crown’s Office, didn’t drop the ball, they fumbled it on the one yard line , in the last minute of play, on Super Bowl Sunday !

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