Holy Gilles Latour! Scumbag Pleads Guilty to 8 Counts of Fraud in Cornwall FEB 9, 2018

Holy Gilles Latour!  Scumbag Pleads Guilty to 8 Counts of Fraud in Cornwall FEB 9, 2018

Cornwall Ontario – Not very many in the Cornwall area are surprised that after protesting his innocence, that the former Team Cornwall President and Bob Kilger Liberal bagman Gilles Latour plead guilty to fraud charges in court this week.

Charges that included ripping off his own mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

Sleazy Latour, who actually was credited at a Team Cornwall recent year in review event by current Prez Peter Gault, is facing most likely 6 months of jail time, plus possible house arrest and probation afterwords.   One  legal mind suggested that he also might get a community service order, and an order to not work in the financial service sector again.

The sad part of this mess was that it was clear by his pleadings that it was part of a bargain with the crown which again calls into focus the ability of the Cornwall Community Police Service to conduct actual fraud investigations.

If a more stringent investigation had been done there might have been more charges plead to with a greater penalty as much of the money will never be accounted from unless the courts can get into his stash of sports memorabilia.

In Latour’s case, an investigating officer was bullied locally to the point where he was transferred away from the case as Latour is actually still popular in South Stormont, a community whose values include supporting newspaper burning parties and the conspiratorial Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart while voting in a council that is a motley mess of illiteracy, corruption, conflict of interest, and historical criminality.

Latour did not have any legal representation with him in court.   There were allegations that he was in fact living in his mom’s basement which shows a degree of loyalty to family that Mr. Latour appears to be lacking in.

Also in question is that while fellow pals like Andre Pommier and Jason Christoff got some or all of their monies back, the funds used may have come from some of his other victims.  There’s a chance that those financial institutions may be called onto the carpet and if that happens Messrs Pommier and Christoff may have to return some of the fraud cash.


That Latour is still accepted in certain circles of this community is a true reflection of the corruption and cronyism that runs in Cornwall which could be why its economy is where it is and why it’s so hard to attract and retain economic development.

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