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Cornwall Ontario – A lot of seniors love to sing the old familiar songs. That is what happened recently at the Beek Lindsay Seniors Residence when the residents and their friends were treated to a concert of music by Ed Lauzon and his son, Ed Jr. There was lots of singing of favourite songs and many residents were up dancing to the music. Others were content to just sit and enjoy the great music. One resident described the concert as “fantastic” and that ‘ fun was had by all”. Thanks to you both, Ed and Ed. Jr., for providing so much pleasure and enjoyment with your wonderful music.

Photo courtesy of Ray Chambers

From my 1960’s photo album is this great picture on the Paediatric Ward at the Cornwall General Hospital. Margaret Williamson, Head Nurse, is taking a few moments from her busy day to fix a game in a sick child’s room. Play is certainly a big part of recovery for children who you will hear say as soon as they can possibly do it, “Where is my truck?” or “I want my doll”. Looking on are nurses Marilyn Brown and Joan Harker who is holding a little baby on the far left.

The Zoomer Promotions has issued a report on a new Ontario Health Regulators (OHR) website for patients. They are calling it “a one-stop gateway to the websites of all 26 health regulators in Ontario”. It will provide information and resources for patients to get up-to-date-information about Ontario’s health professionals and how these health regulators can help you. The site is available in 10 languages. Go to: for information.

Some special things of our youth remain with us. My sister Coolie loved the poem, “Come Little Leaves.” Over the years she would refer to it often. There is a longer version of 5 verses. It was written by the American Poet George Cooper (1838-1927) as a poem and children’s song. Verses 1, 3 and 5 were sung, according to the web site. The music was written by Thomas Crawford. Whenever Coolie would talk about the poem, she said it was such a delight to her as a child and a wonderful memory.

The one I remember when I was about 5 years old that was such a delight was “Teddy Bears Picnic”. I loved that song.

I think I believed that it was true and that the little bears did have picnics.

I could see them in my mind playing and having fun. According to the website, the melody was written by American Composer John Walter Bratton in 1907 and the lyrics were added by Irish songwriter Jimmy Kennedy in 1932. I have been told that it is still a favourite of children today.

I found this 1984 newsletter of Air Canada’s titled: “OPSAIR, Flight Operations Journal”. On the inside cover it states that “the deviation of our new cover title – OPSAIR- is a contraction of “Flight OPS Air Canada”. There are articles in it by Captain C.H. Simpson, Scott Duncan, Captain T. A. Thususka, Captain R. P. Miners, Captain G. W. Mills, and E.F. Scott among others. Lots of technical stuff in the articles about Take Off’s and Tech Topics, etc. The newsletter had belonged to a late friend whose picture is on the cover and who had worked for Air Canada in the 1980’s.

Tiger likes to hold paws….like holding hands, I guess. Sometimes he isn’t quite close beside me but he wraps his paw around my wrist and pulls it close to him and lays his head on my arm. After awhile my arm gets a bit tired at that angle but if I gently start to pull it away, he pulls it back with his paw. Or he will lay his paw on my hand…as if to say; “I’ve got you now.” Wants the physical contact, I guess and likes to cuddle. I tried to take a photo, a selfie, but couldn’t do it with one hand. He is a big baby…but a cute one.

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Here is a cute joke from a friend:

A little girl got on her grandpa’s knee and said, “Did God make me?”

“Yes”, her grandpa replied.

“Did God make you too?”

“Yes”, the grandpa said.

“Well”, the little girl said, looking at his wrinkles and thinning hair. “He sure is doing a better job nowadays!”

Have a good week, Dawn


  1. Thanks Dawn, very good column. I loved the Teddy Bears Picnic!!

  2. My grandchildren have enjoyed Teddy Bears Picnic, as I did and we still sing it. When we were growing up my parents, with us, often made a stop at Hall’s Music Store at the corner of Second and Augustus on the way home from downtown, to buy a recording, and this was one we had that played on our 78 rpm record player that was attached to our radio. Good memories. Thanks.

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