Happy International Women’s Day 2018 & Why I’m Not a Feminist by Jamie Gilcig

Cornwall Ontario –   It’s funny how words can become corrupt.  Phrases start out well meaning, but then we humans start to interact and corrupt things.  According to some, Communism is the greatest form of government, but as anyone that ever read or watched Animal Farm can attest, it can be as corrupt as Capitalism.

There are entire industries devoted to corrupting ideals, ideas, brands, regulations, and just as many devoted to debating, discussing, reforming, and what we end up with is a mess.

Common Ground to me is a wonderful thing.  It’s a place that no matter where you come from you can agree on something.

Today, in a release sent via a US company, the Canadian Labour Congress proudly says that Women are tired of waiting for equality in wages.  That’s code speak for they want more income and that’s fair dinkum.  We all want more.

“We know that Indigenous women, racialized women, and women with disabilities face higher rates of violence and barriers to support, wider wage gaps, and have a harder time finding and paying for the child care they need to be able to work or study,” said Clarke Walker.

Here’s the deal though, in many cases the exact same thing can be said for men in those groups.

The only true solutions are when everyone is treated fairly.    For example would the Labour Congress support asking men in areas where there isn’t wage equity to have their salaries chopped to improve women’s?   This writer thinks not.

It’s time for all these groups and isms to think about the big picture and to stop being divisive in society.

After all,  for the most part in 2018, we still need an egg and sperm to keep our species rolling.   Things probably will change soon, but the reality is that we are living in an age of radical socialism via the internet that may or may not be being engineered from shadowy places with many not realizing it.

Race, gender, sexuality, class, political and religious beliefs are ripping apart cultures and society in 2018 to far greater degrees than may have ever been seen historically.

So let’s celebrate International Women’s Day.  After all, none of us would be here without women, and many of us wouldn’t be the people we are without women’s contributions in our daily lives from placenta to grave.

For example this very newspaper currently has four female columnists and only one male.   I’m very proud of that. But then we also had a radio show devoted to women’s issues, hosted by a young woman, with female guests discussing things important to women, inspired by the Vagina Monologues, which this newspaper sponsored, only to see a local women’s entrepreneur group refuse to sponsor the show because it was called The Vagina Hour.


But let’s also hope that one day we won’t need to celebrate a day based on gender or any qualifier.  Let’s hope that one day we can all figure out how to move our society forward based on merit and success that isn’t won via corruption and petty evil.

While I’ve always supported and will continue to support the Women in my life as best I can, as I do the men in my life too, it’s time to move forward and put all people first and leave nomenclature behind.


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