Like most media today we have to claw and fight for survival financially.   This being Cornwall there are other challenges that make it even more difficult.

Many newspapers are starting to add paywalls which means unless you’re a subscriber you won’t be able to read them or there is limited content available.

We’re trying to avoid this and the use of interstitial ads, but we need your support.   There are stories that need to be covered, but we need to be able to afford the resources to do so.   In fact one UNION accused us of refusing to cover a story and I shared with her that if her union had given us any support since 2009 we might have more resources to devote to her story.   Some people get it, and some don’t.   But each and every story we publish on CFN costs hard cash and resources to publish.   Time is money in the real world.

In fact we need at least 18 of you to make a subscription donation by May 1st or you may end up seeing a paywall this week!

So please, help us help deliver the news you want to click on.

Please help CFN stay truly Free! 

You can e interac a payment to or click the paypal button below!

All donations are confidential.

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