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Cornwall Ontario – Edna May Dorey’s birthday is May 6th. Edna will be 102 years young. And when you see her, yes ‘young’ does describe her very well. Edna belongs to a knitting group, plays bean bag and, if there is any music in the air, she is up dancing.

She tells a story about falling in a well when she was young: “I grew up on a farm where watering the animals was a chore in itself.

To get water, you had to have it brought from the well using a 5 or 6 foot pole with a pail fastened on the end; then pour the water into a trough.

In bending down to get a pail of water my feet slipped and I went head first into the well. I held onto the pole, which had jammed into the sides of the stone built well walls and my body curled around the pole but my feet still got wet.

After getting my breath, I climbed out of the well and continued with my chores of putting the animals in the pasture and closing the gates.

I was a teenager at the time when this happened but this was just part of any day living on the farm.” Edna, thank you for this wonderful story.

Edna was born in Alfred Township, Ontario in 1916. She began working in Prescott, Ontario at Dr. Smelly’s house as a domestic and to care for his children.

She met her husband, Royal Leonard Joseph Dorey, in Prescott at Mary Spencer’s house and they were married on New Year’s Eve 1939. They moved to Cornwall in 1940. They had 6 children (Charles, Ann deceased), Phillip, Linda, Dorenda and David. She has 9 Grand-children and 10 Gr-grand children, and step Gr-grand children. Edna has been a member of Trinity Anglican Church since her move to Cornwall and has given many hours of volunteer service to the church activities. She moved into the Beek Linday Seniors Apartments in 1987 and lives there with her daughter Dorenda. Some of her nieces and nephews have affectionately referred to her as “the Queen” because of her tidy appearance and kindness.

Happy Happy Birthday Edna!  Photo courtesy of Dorenda Dorey.

Weird things happen sometimes. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when an old ‘jingle’ from the past popped into my mind: “You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent”. Now, where did that come from?? Then I thought of another:”I’d walk a mile for a Camel”. Then, “Tide’s in. Dirt’s out”.” Brylcreem. A little dab’ll do ya. Brylcreem. You’ll look so debonair”.

You wonder how the mind works sometimes. I may not remember what I had for lunch two days ago but I can remember a very very old commercial?? How many do you remember??

There were some interesting tips for someone with new hearing aids in a recent Zoomer Newsletter.:

1) Keep in mind that your ears take time to adjust.

2) Remember that no one can hear everything.

3) Use your hearing aids as much as possible.

4) Keep your hearing aids safe when you are not wearing them.

5) Book a follow-up meeting for adjustments or help.

The article also states that for hearing aid maintenance or if there is a need for any other information you can book a free, no obligation appointment with a hearing aid center in your area by visiting: or call 1-855-773-3224.

To read the entire article go to: /2018/03/28/tips-getting-started….

There is very disappointing news for our community. The Sleep Clinic and the Sleep Lab as well , have both been moved to Winchester. What that means for our citizens of Cornwall and area is that each and every one who needs the Sleep Lab Test will have to drive at night and be at the Sleep Lab for 10pm. in Winchester. They will then be discharged at 5:30 am and have to drive home.

Maybe we could have one technician here at our hospital who would do the test and send the info to the Medical Team in Winchester electronically, saving all this night travel and anxiety for our citizens?

Here is one of my favourite old books: “Astronomy with an Opera Glass”. I have no idea where I got it but I have had it as long as I can remember. Inside the book cover is a big notice saying that it is the property of Wales Public Library. Written by Garrett P. Services, it states that this is the Eight Edition with Appendix, dated 1900. The Copyright is 1888 by the D. Appleton and Company, 72 Fifth Avenue, New York and 25 Bedford Street, London.

Inside are maps and directions to recognize the constellations for all the seasons and their mythology and also there is a chapter on the Moon, the Planets and the Sun.

In Girl Guides we had to learn about Astronomy to earn the Astronomy Badge. I have always been grateful for that because even today I love to find the constellations in the sky and see how many names I remember. My favourite constellations were Orion (a big capital ‘H’) and Cassiopeia (a big W’). ( Probably were the easiest to remember.) A treasured old book for sure.

In Cornwall in the 1940’s and 1950’s we had Pet Parades. Some of my friends I grew up with don’t remember much about them. Kids decorated their bikes and in some cases carried a small pet, cat or dog in their baskets on the bikes. Other kids walked with a dog on a leash or had their pets in a wagon. Some kids wore costumes. What a delight as children to see all those cats and dogs. Lots of fun.

A friend said that the Rotary Club also had a Circus Parade which I don’t remember at all. She said people dressed up as animals and were in cages and that it also was a fun parade.

We were lucky as kids in those days because there was so much for us to enjoy.

There will be a Walk for Alzheimer’s at the Benson Centre in Cornwall on May 5, 2018 at 9:30 am. You will have a chance to meet the Celebrity Guests, walk to music, write on the Wall of Memories, have some great exercise and hear a beautiful choir.

Go to WWW.WALKFORALZHEIMERS.CA to register or to create a team. For more information, call the Alzheimer Society at 613-932-4914 or email at

Sheba, my friend Fran Irwin’s cat, likes to sit on top of her scratching post. Must be a tight little fit since she looks a bit wider than the top of the post. Really cute.

Here is a cute joke sent in by a friend:

A six year old goes to the hospital with his Grandma to visit his Grandpa. When they get to the hospital, he runs ahead of his Grandma and bursts into his Grandpa’s room.

“Grandpa! Grandpa!” he says excitedly. “As soon as Grandma comes in the room, make a noise like a frog!”

“What?” said his Grandfather.

“Make a noise like a frog because Grandma says that as soon as you croak, we are going to DISNEYWORLD!!!!!”

Have a good week, Dawn


  1. I remember the old Pepsodent toothpaste commercial very well and I was very young at the time. I am 67 now and I remember the good days. As kids we would even say instead of Pepsodent Flubberdent. Any of us who remember the old movie Son of Flubber with Fred MacMurray. Bring me back to the good old days and I would be mighty content. Hubby and I spoke about that as well.

  2. LOL LOL. Such a cute cat on the scratching post. Is Fran Irwin related to Dr. Irwin. Dr. Irwin is someone I will never forget – a very good sense of humor – full of jokes.

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