No matter which political party you’re with advertising is one of the largest expenses in any campaign.

You need value, impact, and delivery of your message in the strongest possible fashion.

And local is important.  How do you expect editors to support you if you’re advertising on outlets that aren’t from Ontario or even Canada?

Do you think those debates will be covered if newspapers and other other media don’t have resources?

The Cornwall Free News is a lot more than Cornwall & SD&G!

Check out our 2017 numbers and top cities.  LINK


If you want to reach young people you need to buy ad space on CFN.  

If you want to reach female voters you need to buy ad space on CFN.

If you want to reach mobile device users you need to buy ad space on CFN.

And here’s the deal!   

We have a special just for the 2018 Ontario Provincial Election!

Two banner ads and one full page ad for only $299!   

That’s from the day you purchase your deal until election day.  The sooner you sign up the longer your package lasts!

Your full page ad can include embedded video, posters, all hot linked to your website and social media pages.

Higher impact packages, options and add ons available.

CFN can also assist with messaging and video creation.

DIAL 855 444 1133 to book your ad today!





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