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Weed and Orgasms

I recently read an article describing that certain marijuana strains causes an increase in the libido…even for women.  Considering that many women have never experienced an orgasm, marijuana can help you relax therefore increasing your chances of reaching that level of enjoyment, openness, and release.

Once you have tried different strains, you will see that some cause that tingle or throb “downstairs”, especially if the environment and mood are lined up.

Hybrids and finding that perfect balance between sativa and indica will increase that libido. Many factors contribute to a decrease in libido like tiredness, tension, pain, side effects from medications to name a few. Hybrids are able to give you the best of both worlds. Sativa dominate strains will give you that energy while the indica will help you relax which are important if you want that orgasm.

If you have tried the purer strains and found ones that you like, write that name down. When selecting a hybrid, you can ask or look up the variety of hybrids that are available using that strain. The beauty of hybrids is that you can have 60/40% and different variations of your preferred strain.

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On your day off or when you need a mental health day, vape it for the quick reaction or eat it for the prolonged effect.

Get your partner and do the nasty. Slow, steady and selective are factors to an orgasm especially if you don’t know where the key spots are. Hybrids will help you focus and if you haven’t had an orgasm yet, I suggest you buy a toy and do it yourself and get familiar with your own body.

Vape a hybrid, lock the doors, put your favorite music on and try and find your place. It will take some practice especially if you never tried to fulfill your need before. Remember that orgasms are the only spasms that feel really good so get to it, feel energized and refreshed.

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Wendy the Weed Witch is a hot rocking chick with over 25 years of work in the medical field.  After struggling with debilitating chronic pain she started to explore medicinal marijuana and the benefits in dealing with her issues.

Her hobbies include music and travel.   She’s started this column to share and exchange ideas with other people looking for more from Marijuana than cool waves and a warm buzz.

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