Advanced Voting Down Nearly 15% in SD&SG Due to Corruption & Democratic Failure by Jamie Gilcig

Cornwall Ontario – With reports of Advanced Polling down nearly a whopping 15% in SD&SG clearly abuse by local riding teams and Elections Ontario are leading indicators.

Instead of advertising for example, where you’re reading this right now, Elections Ontario advertised with US social media companies.   Surely someone should be fired for that?

Likewise, the local NDP, Liberal, and PC candidates participated in All Candidate Debates that didn’t invite all media and in particular this outlet which has the largest viewership in the riding.

Even someone from South Stormont would understand that if you void the pool of the largest potential voters then awareness would be lower.

And while I’m writing about this regarding this outlet, it’s not uncommon in other areas as political wonks think that social media is better than having to deal with silly newspapers and their silly editors and reporters.  (How did that work out for you Kathy?)

Democracy and healthy government don’t happen by accident.   If people don’t hold those accountable for their dastardly deeds things erode further and we end up with governments put together from social media rantings and rumours.

Ultimately people have to ask why political entities hide and do what they do?   For example while it’s easy to hit a few buttons on facebook to zip up an ad does it really have an impact compared to local media?   If you’re still reading this story you’ve spent far more time on this page exposing our ads to you than you would zipping through a social media page thus dramatically increasing the chance of you noticing an ad.

Ultimately we as a society will decide how we evolve, but certainly when it comes to spending the taxpayer’s money the only issues that should count when it comes to advertising is where the pool of eyeballs are and they certainly are far greater in media than some of the odd places Elections Ontario is spending our cash.  In fact historically there have been regulations about outside advertising and media ownership.  Those laws have not really been updated to adapt to the internet age.  Perhaps it’s time?

Likewise, any candidate that would participate in any debate that plays fuzzy slippers over who or how said debate is covered really is not being democratic, or frankly not worthy of a vote.

Today I will be declining my ballot.   Not because I don’t support a party in this election, but simply because the three candidates of the major parties locally (and the silly ones) impeached themselves as not being worthy of my vote this election.

Can we truly afford to see our Democracy crumble?   You of course can still post your comments below.


  1. WOW!!

    Like a baseball over the Big Green Monster

  2. Author

    And hugger that’s why the public has to support true independent media like CFN before they lose it. We’re an internet paper. You’d be surprised how easy it’d be to move and how there actually is a desire for us to relocate.

  3. Well I’m sure the clique and some at city hall would love for you to relocate. But then they win, don’t they?

  4. Author

    lol Hugger they really don’t. Just because the media might not cover some of their failings doesn’t mean the public wouldn’t still buzz. Most of the supposed scandals I’ve written about are simply because of the buzz I pick up and then investigate. You should see my story files that I haven’t published 🙂

  5. Jamie if you do decide to relocate somewhere keep my e-mail address and tell me where you are so as I can keep up with news where you will be. I left Cornwall many years ago and made the unfortunate decision to go back because of my moms ill health but came back to Ottawa for my children. It is all in your hands dear friend what you decide and where you will go I will continue reading your news.

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