Car Rear Ends School Bus on County Rd 34 Near Lancaster Ontario 062118

Cornwall Ontario –  Someone might have not followed the laws regarding school buses near Lancaster village Wednesday.

CFN viewer Jack Lalonde sent in the following:

Here’s a couple of pics of the car that rear ended a school bus heading north as it was stopped to let children out on county road 34 just North of Lancaster village around 3:45 pm this day.

No injuries known. Took OPP a good 20 min+ to arrive on scene. Kids had to remain in the bus till opp and another bus showed up.

Traffic drives way to fast on the 34 going into and leaving Lancaster village

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  1. Not surprising. This is what i’ve been talking about. Speeding and general ignorance of basic and courteous driving laws and manors. Tailgating, speeding, stopping WAY past the big white pedestrian line, weaving, not signaling, texting ect ect. Downtown in the evening sounds like a race track with all the tire squealing and engine reving. Never see CCPD speed trapping or targetting bad driving.

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