S Glengarry Real Estate Agent & Councilor Lyle Warden Alleged To Offer to Sell House for Flood Victim in Lancaster 062718

Cornwall Ontario – The nightmare continues for Lancaster resident of over 30 years Geraldine Fitzpatrick.

The retired CAS worker has had to deal with an issue that could at root be why so little development is occurring in South Glengarry Ontario where contractors have complained about City Hall’s handling of issues.

At root is that a lawyer connected to Federal Crown Tilton T. Donihee and now judge Diane Lahaie(She sold her practice to Donihee)  was allowed to build a home literally on her property line, and at a raised grade that has led to flooding of the Fitzpatrick home.

As well Lawyer Natalie B Trottier has been accused of damaging a rare Black Walnut tree.

We covered the story in September of 2017  LINK

(Photo left from original story)

After complaining for over a year to the township offices Ms Fitzpatrick came home recently to not only more flooding, but for drain pipes aimed right at her property from the Trottier home.

(see back of image on right)

Adding insult to injury Ms Fitzpatrick claimed today that after returning to her residence she bumped into Councilor Lyle Warden who also is a real estate agent.

Contacted via phone Mr. Warden refused to comment on the incident.

“Today @ 2:15pm I saw Lyle Warden, counsel for the township, He was in front of the Remax office with Diane Chretien (they are both real estate agents working together-Diane’s son Sylvain Chretien is the one who did the excavation for the property next door)!”

Ms Fitzpatrick told CFN that she asked Warden why nothing had been done by the township as they allowed a house to essentially be built on the property line and be elevated which as she termed has created “silent enemies” and that she feels like she’s being driven from her home which her late husband had built over 30 years ago.


Lyle said “I already have someone who wants to buy your house”!!!!!!

Which begs the bigger question of whether a municipality should be allowing building so close and at a higher elevation?    Should a homeowner that pays their taxes have to foot the expensive cost of civil litigation and if litigation would be initiated would the township end up in the middle anyway?

But the biggest question of all is why Natalie B Trottier decided to build in this manner and be such a neighbor?

One legal mind suggested that she could be charged by OPP for mischief by pointing her drain pipes at Ms Fitzpatrick’s yard.

Does this make you want to move to or invest in South Glengarry and would you want Lyle Warden to be your real estate agent?

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  1. A landscaping company and fence company would do good business to offer to put drainage pipes underground and a proper fence on Ms Fitzpatrick’s propxerty line, either pro bono or at cost. This widow deserves better than this!
    Forget fighting with the insensitive and very unprofessional lawyers, township councillors and real estate scams. Get it fixed and live in your beloved home in peace.

  2. I lived in Cornwall for almost 10 years now, my grandfather left Europe at age 9, he was shipped over on boat to Canada, arrived at a pier in Nova Scotia, when ww 2 kicked off, he was in the kitchen cooking for Canadian soldiers. Your towns newspaper is s*** ! Only good thing about it was when Ryan Gosling delivered it ! Stop publishing the police blotter ! It’s ruining lives ! It’s 2018 grow up !

  3. The police blotter is published by more than the CSF. So……………

  4. If Ottawa were to publish everything that goes on it would fill the entire paper. My area is one of the notorious burroughs. It is so hot today and hubby has ac in the living room and I have a measly fan on here in the bedroom. I will soon head over to the living room.

  5. The OPS does offer “crime maps” and “crime stats” on their website. I think if anyone dug deeper they could find the blotter, if they were so inclined.

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