Jack Lindsay for Cornwall City Council in 2018 CLICK FOR DETAILS!

Jack Lindsay is a rarity to Cornwall politics.

He’s a successful bilingual business person who has managed many large businesses.

He wants to bring his Old School Common Sense approach to City Hall on October 22nd.

And he wants to hear from you Cornwall!

By phone 613  870 1371

via email lindsayjack08@gmail.com

or on facebook  LINK

Jack states that it’s time for change at City Hall!

Working together instead of the dysfunction of the last few terms!

He wants to bring new ideas and leadership to Council!


Listening to the Voters!

Addressing Important Local Issues!

Building a Dynamic, Sustainable, and Affordable Cornwall Ontario! 

But mostly Jack Lindsay wants to CUT YOUR TAXES! 

On October 22, 2018 VOTE Jack Lindsay

to Cornwall City Council!

La ville de Cornwall a besion d’un Conseil qui travaillera en équipe afin de résoudre les nombreux problèmes dont nous faisons face.

A ces buts, j’ai l’expérience, la motivation et la capacité d’être un conseiller effectif et actif.

Mon but est d’apporter des nouvelles idées et du leadership solide à la table de l’hôtel de ville.

Jack Lindsay pour conseiller.

To learn more about Jack and stay updated CLICK HERE!

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  1. I am so excited to have someone who cares, and wants to make changes for the better for this community! go Jack!!

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