Ford Gov’t Focusing more on Math than Sex Ed in Ontario – by Jamie Gilcig 082918

Ford Gov’t Focusing more on Math than Sex Ed in Ontario – by Jamie Gilcig 082918

Cornwall Ontario – The Ford government just issued a release outlining the failings of our educational system which seemed to focus more on Sex Ed than Math.   It seems that many would have our education system replace parenthood (although in far too many circumstances you can’t blame them) than simply teach our kids the importance of reading, comprehending, communicating, and counting.

The question is if this first step is a big step or something we need more investment in.  Under the Wynne and Liberal governments essentially public dollars were ransomed off for union support which led to dumber kids with less resources and runaway teacher salaries.  (just google compare salaries to Quebec and other regions of Canada)

In fact maybe it’s time for more Ontario teachers to focus on teaching our kids rather than politics and massive pension funds filled by the public purse?

The bees and the birds are important, but math is more important, especially for those special single mommies who seem to pump out babies as an occupation,  and then those poor offspring get worse educations generation after generation.

From the release:

Today, Education Minister, the Honourable Lisa Thompson, issued the following statement on the provincial EQAO results:

“The EQAO assessment results released today prove once again that we must do better with respect to students’ math performance in Ontario.

For the last five years, we have seen an overall decline in EQAO math scores. Half of Ontario’s Grade 6 students have failed to meet the provincial standard for math. And by the time our students get to Grade 9, more than half of them taking the applied math courses are failing to make the grade.

This is unacceptable. The previous government used our children’s classrooms to test a failed experimental curriculum called “Discovery Math”. As promised, our government has already made changes to bring back proven methods of teaching that work.

Yesterday, we released a new teacher’s guide and parent fact sheet that will help both teachers and parents focus student learning on traditional formulas and memorization techniques.

We’ve also announced that we are refocusing $55 million in existing math investments to district school boards. This funding will support math facilitators and leads at the school board and school levels, as well as provide release-time for our teachers to participate in training and learning focused on the fundamentals of math.

Although our government has already started to take the necessary steps to improve our children’s understanding of fundamental math, we look forward to hearing from parents and educators this September as we engage in unprecedented provincewide public consultations. These consultations will cover a variety of topics that will help inform changes to the mathematics curriculum. We look forward to sharing more detailed information on the consultation process in the coming weeks.

Our government believes that by getting back to the basics we’re ensuring our students are leaders in math education once again. We are committed to ensuring students have the skills they need to be successful in their future.”

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

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