Will Vegas Flip Pacioretty After Habs Trade? By Jamie Gilcig 091018

Cornwall Ontario –  Oddly enough this will go down as one of Hab GM Marc Bergevin’s best trades.

It wasn’t a great trade, and barely was a good trade as the team diminished its asset as it seems bent on doing.   Will they be trashing Carey Price and his near untradeable contract next if the goalie doesn’t get off to a good start?

If Pacioretty rebounds it’s a really bad trade, essentially a salary dump of Tomas Tatar by the Knights.   Montreal is on the hook for three season at over $5M per.

Of course if you’re planning on chasing the bottom this season,  Tatar, a 40ish point centre/winger seems like a great fit.   Nick Suzuki is an intriguing asset in the deal.   He and the 2nd essentially cover the price of taking on Tatar’s contract.

It is one less distraction and issue to deal with before the season starts at least.

It certainly wasn’t the deal that was on the table from LA, and it certainly won’t be the deal if Vegas flips Patches who doesn’t have any NMC or no trade clause in his contract that expires this season.

What do you think dear Hab fans?  You can post your comments below.

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